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Behold ... you are looking through a window into another Universe... where the
Veronaville Renaissance began 12 years, 9 months and 3 days ago...
Prometheus-hyde.jpgMy Character Profile

3 Kings of Hyde Dynamic
(Base Game, Pre-CC)

Dr Hyde's Sandbox
This user will be absent from now to indefinite due to CONTINUING his Sims machinima and stories.
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Open World
Like a toddler who just learnt how to walk,

you may discover that the realm of Sims stories is not limited to a single Sims web portal, or confined to mainstream popularity, or even to what's possible in the strictest sense of gameplay.

So open your eyes and mind -- travel with me to where many simmers have not dared to go before.

I am a Sims Machinima Director and Author. My style of Machinima and storytelling mixes the Sims world with some real-world elements to form unique & bizarre stories.

I have completed the following Sims series:

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Canon vs Fanon
All players have the right to have their own versions of premade Sims,

and all versions are equally valid.

The very essence of playing the Sims is to create your own stories about them.
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One Simmer's Food is Another Simmer's Poison
All players have their own reasons for preferring certain Sims games to other Sims games, and all reasons are equally valid.

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Finding my own way...

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