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Which one of my fanon Sims is your favourite?[edit source]

So far 21 people have voted, and Jestyn Leishman, Grace Nanale, Rodney Carr, Ratermann Thompson, and Messenger of Doom Triton have received one vote. Ella Capulet, Cody Capulet, and Doctor Agent J. Triton have received two votes, Suzy Parker has received three votes, and Galaxy Nine Asteroid has received seven votes. So he is currently in the lead. I voted for Jestyn even though I like many of my fanon Sims the same amount.

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Template: Battles[edit source]

Battle 00: Mortimer Goth vs Bella Goth[edit source]

Mortimer Goth
Mortimer Goth Icon.png
The Sims 2 Plumbob.png
Bella Goth
Bella Goth Icon.png
Two of the most well known Sims in Pleasantview.

End Date:

Votes for Mortimer[edit source]

Votes for Bella[edit source]

Comments[edit source]

Last Battle's winner[edit source]

Kaylynn won!

The Sims Wiki: Sandbox[edit source]

Mods and Custom Content that I have downloaded / plan to download[edit source]

The Abuse filter[edit source]

  • You may know that there is this filter (user) Abuse filter who has blocked two users for falsely suspected mass article spamming. I'd say 'Abuse filter' should be given a permanent block for this 'foolish behaviour' of a filter.

Gallery[edit source]

SimPE reset layout tabs[edit source]

  • Should I accidentally click a tab (e.g. plugin) and lose it, go into extra/preferences/simpe settings/reset layout/ok, and then exit and reload SimPE.

Battle 00: Daniel Pleasant vs Darren Dreamer vs Albany Capp[edit source]

Daniel Pleasant
Daniel Pleasant Icon.png
Darren Dreamer
Darren Goth Icon.png
Albany Capp
Albany Capulet Icon.png
Three middle aged men from The Sims 2. Which is your favourite?

End Date:

Votes for Daniel[edit source]

Votes for Darren[edit source]

Votes for Albany[edit source]

Comments[edit source]

Last Battle's winner[edit source]

Brandi won!

IRC Notes[edit source]

  • ns identify Username YourPassHere
  • /msg NickServ identify <your password>
  • /ns ghost <nickname>
  • /quit

YouTube[edit source]

  • To automatically link to a certain part of a clip - Just add this to the end of the link - &t=??m??s