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Grim Reaper.
Pink Limo.JPG I won The Sims 3 Release Countdown caption contest with "Real men drive pink."

About Me[edit source]

Im what most people would call a "computer nerd". I play alot of video games. I spend most of my time on the Final Fantasy Wiki and the Smash Bros. Wiki, but then i discovered the Sims Wiki, and ive been trying my best to help out :D

Games Owned[edit source]

Sims: Complete Collection (i lost my copy, but i hope to get another one soon) Sims 2: I have all released expansions, but only a few are currently installed. Sims 3: Waiting for the release, trying to get a reserved copy!!

CAS[edit source]

Main Sim: Monty Zuma.

Sims 2: Adult, Knowledge Aspiration, Become Game Designer.

Sims 3, Young Adult (he invented a Star Trek transporter, but it glitched and sent him 50 years in the past, and aged him back a few years, he lives with his rich grandfather, Maximillion Zuma.) Computer Whiz, Angler, Brave, Ambitious, and Absent-Minded, become Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder.