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This user will be semi-absent from unknown to unknown due to real life. High school comes first, you know..
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I tried to recreate The Sims FreePlay SimTown in The Sims 3... it failed

How ya doing, fellow Simmer? I am that Simmer that likes to tell stories. I even use cheats to tell some

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About me[edit source]

I'm Isaiah! I'm a Simmer. I am a wiki editor becoming known by others in other wikis. I have been known for my works in Bandpedia, Minecraft Wiki, and Miitopia Wiki. I have also been known on the Miitopia wiki as the user who started the Trivia and Meet the Admins sections of the homepage. Strangly, I also like werewolves and just wish to be one in real life... if they would exist in real life.. I currently have an HP laptop and an ASUS laptop; both of them a Windows 10, and my ASUS laptop the one I mostly use to play my Sims games on.

How I started as a Simmer[edit source]

I started being a Simmer when I got The Sims: Freeplay. I ended up deleting it because of how hard it was and how difficult getting Simoleans was. I then got MySims Party for my Nintendo DS (Which I now have a 3DS, and I won all festivals). I didn't know about any of the other Sims games (other than The Sims 3 on mobile). That was until I was browsing the Microsoft store on my Xbox One and found The Sims 4 up coming to consoles. I made plans to get it. In 2018, I got The Sims Mobile, and my first Sims there was Kaden Shannon and Michella Swartz. Then I officially got The Sims 4 for console. Later on, a friend from Origin gifted it to me for my laptop. Later on, I got the other games in the main series!

Fun Facts[edit source]

  • I created my first ever fanon here in exactly March 19, 2018
  • I joined FANDOM at exactly 8 years and  5 months ago. At that point, it was still called Wikia

Userboxes[edit source]

My current goals[edit source]

Editor Goals[edit source]

  • Get at most 1000 edits for the Wiki (My fanon work and reverting vandalism has been keeping me busy!)
  • Get at most 1500 edits
  • Get 2000 edits

Sims Wiki related[edit source]

  • Become a Rollback (I have it now, thanks to K6's additional support)
  • Get a Reward
  • Become a Content Moderator (Ok, I know that I'm showing this goal early, but I'll get to requesting for it later on as I gain more Wiki experience)

Sim Notebook[edit source]

My Sim Notebook will let me track my recent updates to my fanons, what I'm doing, and more on The Sims Wiki

Other works [edit source]

Images I made[edit source]

Sims 3 Screenshots[edit source]

Signatures[edit source]