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  • NO ADS! No need to take out your AdBlocker—Miraheze is non-profit and ad-free! Having no ads means that you can focus on the content more easily, without being distracted by annoying flashing banner ads.
  • Large reading area. On Fandom, pages are squashed into a narrow column, and you wind up doing more scrolling than reading. On Miraheze, pages have all the space they need—about as much as Wikipedia pages enjoy—so pages won't look squashed even on large screens.
  • Great mobile site. Miraheze has a beautiful mobile website inspired by the one used on Wikipedia. It's easy to navigate, easy to use, and even easy to edit! Plus, it's totally ad-free; great for battery life!
  • Easy to edit. Miraheze offers a beautiful-looking What You See Is What You Get editor that's easier to use than the one on Fandom. It's also regularly updated by the same folks that develop for Wikipedia, so you'll always be using the latest software.