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About me[edit source]

Hi, I'm Julia and I live in Brazil. I play The Sims since 2009 and my favorite game of the series is The Sims 2, although I love The Sims and The Sims 3 as well.

My favorite Sims[edit source]

  • Don Lothario - he's fun to play with.
  • Dina Caliente - I don't care if she's a gold digger, she's still awesome to me. Cooler than Bella, definitely.
  • Nina Caliente - She's cooler and prettier than her sister.
  • Darren Dreamer - He's an artist, and artists are usually cool.
  • Dirk Dreamer - He's adorable, and I like the fact that he dates Lilith and that Dustin dates Angela instead of the opposite.
  • Angela Pleasant - She's nicer than her sister, and seriously underrated.
  • Lilith Pleasant - Even though I prefer Angela, Lilith is cool too.
  • Mary-Sue Pleasant - I have sympathy for her, I mean, her daughters fight all the time, her husband cheats on her with the maid and she's programmed to be demoted or fired from her job, for real, how can anyone not have sympathy for her is beyond me.
  • Daniel Pleasant - I don't know why, but I like him. I usually make him stop dating Kaylynn and dedicate himself to his career and his family.
  • Mortimer Goth - He's a quirky mad scientist in my headcanon, and that's AWESOME.
  • Cassandra Goth - She's the first premade sim I ever got to like and also my favourite. She's so mysterious and interesting, even more than her mother(who I don't give a damn about).
  • Ripp Grunt - He's fun to play, like Don Lothario but nicer.
  • Tank Grunt - He's not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. Actually, he's pretty nice, it's just his father that is messed up(ps: I also like Buzz, for the record).
  • Vidcund Curious - He's not bad at all. He's just socially awkward. And I like his storyline, how he used to date Circe and still likes her. This gives his character depth, and also can give us tons of cool headcanons.
  • Pascal Curious - He's the most boring Curious brother in my opinion, but then again, he's a CURIOUS. I can't dislike any Curious, they're the coolest family ever no matter how boring they can get sometimes(hint: they can't). And he's SO CUTE(especially with the preg belly), how can anyone not love him?
  • Lazlo Curious - My favourite along with Cassandra. I like it that he's quite different than his brothers, yet has the same aspiration. This, added to his personality, makes him the most fun Curious sibling.
  • Loki Beaker - He's an evil mad scientist, and that's a very fun trope to play with.
  • Circe Beaker - Same for Loki, just change 'scentist' with 'doctor'.