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The Sims Wiki strives to be an encyclopedia for a wide breadth of information related to The Sims series of video games. While a large portion of our content is focused on in-game characters, locations, and features, we also feature a range of articles about non-canon creations. The Sims Wiki classifies non-canon material into two broad groups: Fanon and Custom Content. The Sims Wiki has adopted these special policies to guide the proper creation, display, and organization of non-canon articles.

Definitions[edit source]

Canon[edit source]

The Sims Wiki defines "canon" as any content that is included in a game at launch, or any other content created by or published by Electronic Arts. All of the following types of articles are considered canon:

  • Sims, families/households, pets, and other creatures created by EA;
  • Neighborhoods, worlds, and other in-game locations created by EA;
  • Base games, expansion, stuff, game and other content packs developed and/or released by EA;
  • Official game updates and patches, downloadable content, or online store packages;
  • Any articles related to any EA-developed game features or mechanics.

Articles about canon subjects are written to be as up-to-date as possible with current releases, and are written based on the most recently-released official versions of the games. Articles written about canon characters and locations incorporate only those details present when the characters/locations are officially released; any changes to pre-made characters or locations by the player are not considered canon.

Fanon[edit source]

The Sims Wiki uses the term "fanon" to refer to several related types of content, including:

  • Articles about Sims, families/households, pets, and other creatures created by players unaffiliated with EA, created for the purpose of telling a story;
  • Articles about in-game locations created by players for storytelling purposes;
  • Articles about fictional content packs, or other fictional or fan-created content;
  • Articles which are written about EA-created characters, locations, or other game elements that have been subsequently changed or further advanced by the player. (as an example, a player's article about an EA-made Sim would be considered fanon, since the article would include details about that Sim that were not present in the original EA version of the Sim);
  • Articles that tell stories based on EA-created or player-created content and characters (also known as fan fiction)

Custom content[edit source]

We use the terms "custom" or "custom content" to refer to such things as:

  • Player or third-party game patches, updates, modifications, or other unofficial changes to the games