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Mystique is a bot that sits around in #wikia-sims defending the channel from spammers, namely ping spammers and those who decide to flood the channel. She also has a number of additional commands for leisure purposes.

Features[edit source]

  • Will kickban nick highlight spammers, provided that the bot is opped when the spam actually occurs.

<loser666>User1 User2 User3 User4 User5 User6
* Mystique sets ban on *!*@
* Mystique has kicked loser666 from #wikia-sims (You are banned from this channel)

I set it up so that they'll have to ping more than 5 users for the bot to do anything, so that it's less likely to catch legitimate pings.

Commands[edit source]

All commands can be executed in #wikia-sims with a closed curly bracket (}).

}pull Pulls the trigger for Russian Roulette. It's only enjoyable if the bot is opped.
}8ball <question here> Replies with the answer to whatever you ask it.
}monologue Replies with how long your current monologue in #wikia-sims is.
}beer <whoever> Gives a bottle of beer to whoever you choose.
}champagne <whoever> Because the option above wasn't extravagant enough for your tastes...
}babyfood <whoever> Gives a pot of baby food to whoever. Food is a commodity after all.
}pizza <whoever> Hands some pizza to whoever you pick.
}c4 <whoever> Straps C4 on the user you pick and detonates.
}bible <verse> Reads out the selected bible verse. i.e. "}bible Genesis 1:27" would read that verse.
}seen <user> Replies with when the last time the specified user was seen on the channel.
}advice Gives random advice that people have said.
}bash Replies with a random Bash quote.
}bitcoin Replies with Bitcoin trading stats.
}bofh Replies with a random BOFH excuse.
}catfacts Replies with facts about... cats?
}catpix Replies with pictures of cats. Go Reddit!
}chucknorris Replies with some crap about Chuck Norris being a badass or something.
}debt Tells you how much debt 'Murica is in.
}developerexcuses Replies with excuses developers make up to avoid working.
}dogecoin Replies with Dogecoin trading stats.
}fml Replies with some stuff from FMyLife.
}ip <IP address> Replies with the location of a given IP address. Works with IPv4, IPv6 and domain names.
}litecoin Replies with Litecoin trading stats. Wait people use Litecoin?
}megamillions Gives draw info for the American Lottery.
}mortgage Gives info on mortgage rates.
}mydrunktexts Replies with drunk texts people have foolishly sent to one another.
}piglatin <text> Translates the inputted text to... some kind of language. I don't know what it is and I'm not going to find out.
}randomfacts Replies with a random fact.
}tr <language1> <language2> <word> Translates the word from the language code (en, fr, es, it etc.) specified in language1 to that of the language code specified in language2. For example: }tr en fr hello would translate hello from English to French.
}np < profile name> Shows the last song played by this user on
}profile < profile name> Brings up information for the specified profile.

If the bot is malfunctioning...[edit source]

Then don't ban it. If you absolutely have to do anything then deop it (if one of the things it needs op for is playing up) or +q it and tell me about it or PM me.