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Rollback (promoted October 21, 2013)


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About me[edit source]

Personal experience of Series and in-game stuff[edit source]

Hi! I am Mate1234, my name is Mate. I'm a huge Sims fan, I simply love anything related to Sims. I started playing it a long time ago, I was just attracted, I just don't know how. I found this wiki when I searched about some in-game stuff, so I decided to create my account. I found a lot about game files, and some images that gave me info about Waterside, which I decided to recreate. I think that it will be available by the beginning of next year, but nothing is confirmed, since I play TS3 a lot.

The Sims Wiki[edit source]

Currently, I'm a rollback, and if I ever become an admin, I will try to give TSW the best I can (if I already didn't). I made a lot of edits, and I hope I helped with them.

I don't know what to say anymore... If you want to know something more about me or you need help, just ask me. Until the next time, see ya!

Regards, Mate1234 (Chatterbox...)

My goals on TSW[edit source]

  1. Less stubs (long time to do that)
  2. Find all hidden Sims from The Sims Stories and create articles about them.
  3. Recreate Waterside (since GPKman didn´t finish it, I think). (paused)
  4. 1 000 contributions. Done, hope I helped Wiki with them. :D
  5. 2 000 contributions.
  6. 3 000 contributions. (long time to reach that)
  7. 4 000 contributions. (look above)
  8. 5 000 contributions. (again)
  9. More contributions, I guess?
  10. Be a rollback. Thank you Lost Labyrinth! :D
  11. And admin.