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List of files that might have a purpose right now, or in the future. Added them here, so they don't appear in the Unused Files special page.

The Sims 4 moodlets[edit source]

Uncomf Foodie.jpg Focus Program.jpg Happy Guitar.jpg Happy Drink.jpg S4moodlet comedian weaponized joke.jpg Confident Beaker.jpg Confident BlazingDrink.jpg Energized Coffee.jpg Flirty Drink.jpg Happy Cowplant.jpg Inspired Drink.jpg Uncomf Cowplant.jpg Uncomf Drink.jpg Confident Potion.jpg Energized Potion.jpg Flirty Potion.jpg Focus Potion.jpg Happy Beaker.jpg Happy Music.jpg Inspired Potion.jpg Uncomf Beaker.jpg Inspired Mixology.jpg Dazed Coffee.jpg Happy Tea.jpg Happy Potion.jpg S4moodlet forscience.jpg S4moodlet chem analyzer interesting results.jpg Confident Tea.jpg Asleep Serum.jpg Focus Tea.jpg Playful Serum.jpg Flirty Serum.jpg Tense Serum.jpg Uncomf Serum.jpg Angry Serum.jpg Happy TimeOff.jpg Flirty Tea.jpg Uncomf Flies.jpg Uncomf Scratch.jpg Massagetrait0.png Uncomf Microwave.jpg User1103 pic2090 1418747111.jpg Vampire sunlightreversal.jpg Darkmeditation energized.jpg Vampire recentlydrank.jpg Vampire tastysim.jpg

The Sims 3 moodlets[edit source]

Moodlet Cloudy.png Moodlet FistsofFury.png Moodlet FuturePassenger.png Moodlet FutureStinky.png Moodlet Giddy.png Moodlet HeightenedHysteria.png Moodlet HighSpirits.png Moodlet HonoredTrendsetter.png Moodlet HumansAreGone.png Moodlet IAmSomebody.png Moodlet IAmTheKeyMaster.png Moodlet ImpendingEpisode.png Moodlet InsiderTips.png Moodlet ItIsRevolting.png Moodlet ItsEndOfTheWorld.png Moodlet JumpingJackpot.png Moodlet LearnedAboutFamilyTree.png Moodlet LightningMagnet.png Moodlet LostIdentity.png Moodlet MessedUpThePunchline.png Moodlet NaturesHotTub.png Moodlet NotSoHealthyGlow.png Moodlet OilyTaste.png Moodlet PersonalityPrediction.png Moodlet PristineProtection.png Moodlet Proud.png Moodlet RadioactiveBugBite.png Moodlet RareDelicacy.png Moodlet Rejected.png Moodlet SatisfyingAndSlimy.png Moodlet SawGreatHoloAdventure.png Moodlet SawTerribleHoloAdventure.png Moodlet ServobotAngryMode.png Moodlet ServobotBrokeEmotion.png Moodlet ServobotHappyMode.png Moodlet ServobotSadMode.png

Wishes[edit source]

TravelWithSim.png BuyaJetpack.png BuyaChemistryLabTable.png BuyaBonehildaCoffin.png PotionReparumPotion.png Planter bowl.png

Icons[edit source]

TS4 silhouette icon 1.png 0x000000000x59e108e008240ef9.0x00b2d882.png 0x000000000x59e108e008240efa.0x00b2d882.png 0x000000000x59e108e008240efb.0x00b2d882 (1).png

Miscellaneous[edit source]

The Sims 2 Limited Edition.jpg Navbackground.jpg Writer.png Author Branch.png Journalist Branch.png Newsheadinghalloween.png Forumsinterfacehalloween.png Featuresheadinghalloween.png Sims Games mosaic.png Forumsheader.png MPtext Featured Article.png Original-0.jpg

Images that are used, but would still appear in Unused Files[edit source]

ITF ad background.png 1376596464-the-sims-4-renders.png Ron SimPE.jpg Proposed Background 1.png Proposed Background 2.png