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About me[edit source]

Hi I'm SnowCat2000, but my real name is Rachel. I'm 15 and I've been playing the sims since I was 11 when my friend introduced me to the sims 2. I have a lot of fandoms, my main one being Homestuck. I love astrology (zodiac signs and such). My sun sign is Aquarius, and my moon sign is Virgo. I forget what most of my signs for the other planets are, but I'm mainly an Aquarius.My MBTI type is INTP. I love to draw and write.

Explaination of my traits[edit source]

Loves the cold: I'm just that one person that never gets cold. Except I hate ice because I'm afraid I'll slip.

Cat Purrson-I mean Person: I currently have 3 cats :3

Heavy sleeper: I sleep until noon during summer

Dislikes children: I hate them, so immature and loud. I don't want any.

Commitment issues: I've never actually been in a relationship before, but I feel like I couldn't be in a long one. I just get sick of people after a while.

Night owl: Sometimes I don't even go to bed at night

Socially awkward: You've never met me, so you don't know how bad I'm at having pleasant conversations with people my own age or younger.

Loner: Like I said, I get sick of people.

Shy: Refer to socially awkward

Brooding: I often think about depressing things

Dreamer: But I also think about exciting and awesome crazy things :D

Neurotic and Worrywart: I worry about everything. Lots of things stress me out. I get so stressed and anxious over nothing, and I hate it, I can't help it.

Gloomy: Refer to brooding

Goofball: despite how depressing and anxious I am most of the time, when I'm comfortable and happy I can be really silly. I also like memes and references.

Squeamish: If I see a spider I swear I will scream.

My goals yo[edit source]

-make an edit on an page(not on my profile)-complete

-make 5 edits

-make 10 edits

-make 20 edits

-make 50 edits

-make 100+ edits

-make a fanon for my sim

-make a fanon for a sim family(with lots of generations hopefully)

-make a fanon for an entire neighborhood

-make a family tree for my sims

-make a fanon story

-actually complete said fanon story and don't just abandon it like all of my stories