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Hello Anonymous! Welcome to my page! --Frostwalker Talk - Read

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Scientist believe in things, not in person.” ― Marie Curie

About me[edit source]

The name's Frostwalker (previously known as Walker guy94), I'm an administrator/sysop here in The Sims Wiki.
I'm a college student (and older than 20 years old right now) in a university known as ITB (the acronym in Indonesia) or Bandung Institution of Technology which you may know, yes it's in Bandung.
Please feel free to look around my page or you may go straight to my talk page if you have something you'd like to discuss.

Things about me[edit source]

  • My daily routines are mostly studying, attending lectures and exams, other than that I should be free and log on to this site. Otherwise I might have just enjoying TV shows or playing video games (in the same computer where I surf the internet).
  • Still cannot drive a car :(
  • I usually talk nonsense to my relatives when I'm bored, but I don't do it normally on other people (especially strangers).
  • Currently I've been playing online games a lot which includes World of Warships and Shadowverse (and sometimes Dota 2).
  • I like Jazz (a lot).
  • My other nicknames on various other sites (Steam, Discord etc.): 8knots/A8knots, Nuesance.

Userboxes[edit source]