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September 2018 Community News
September 2018 Community News

As I write this, my arch-nemesis LostInRiverview has not yet posted the Community News for this month. Let's see if I can beat him to it this time! Muhahahaha!! He's too busy being Lost In Riverview to be able to write this!

Ahem. So let's have a look at what's new this month!

Celebrity star.png
New featured article for the month!

The Restaurant article has been selected to be the featured article for the month of September 2018! Featured articles are hand-picked selections from the community that are crowned as being one of the best articles we have. Featured articles are chosen based on their readability and the amount of information they contain, and they're not chosen by a secretive council, but by community members—people like YOU! To nominate or vote for an article, read the instructions here, and then either make a nomination or vote for an existing one.

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We're accepting your pics!

Wanna get featured on our Instagram page?! Well we're (sadly) not accepting pictures of you... but we are accepting pictures of whatever happens in your game! If you have any cool screenshots of your game (any game in The Sims series!) that you want showcased on our Instagram page, you can post it on Instagram with the hashtag #wikithesims; Tweet it in to @thesimswiki on Twitter; message it in to us on Facebook; or join our Discord server, post your pic in the #random_pictures channel, and let us know that you want it on Instagram! (you can also just send it to me, k6ka, over DM if you're more of the polite type) If we like your pic, we'll post it on Instagram and we'll be sure to credit you as well!

Discord has joined. It's super effective!

Gamers have long trusted TeamSpeak for their communication needs while gaming. We here at The Sims Wiki prefer Discord, a multi-platform online text and voice chat service that makes TeamSpeak look like a mouse beside an elephant and ye olde Internet Relay Chat look obsolete. In addition to being able to chat with us while we're playing, you'll also be able to chat with us when we're not playing; whether we're on the bus or sitting at home on the couch with the lappy computer on the coffee table, you'll be able to connect with many members of the TSW community, as well as hundreds of other Simmers from around the world, all from the comfort of your phone via a mobile app or the Discord website. And it's free! Be part of something big today! Need a Discord account? Create one! (It's free!) Have an account? Use the fancy widget below to gain access to our wonderful server. Yes, click on that big, obvious "Connect" button. Do it, just do it, man!

By clicking "Connect", you agree to abide by the server rules.

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Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave any comments or feedback in the Comments section below, and we'll see you next month! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 23:46, September 1, 2018 (UTC)

Suck it, LostInRiverview.

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