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So recently, I got a bit bored because my cousin's internet is waaay too fast compared to mine, and it makes all things to do on the internet... faster. I decided to make a small game titled "Guess the Place". I saw bloopers several times on modthesims and found out the small corner taken in the snapshots are from one of the premade houses. I guess I've played too much making me kinda memorized the places.

I took some snapshots of several places all over the neighborhood in The Sims 2, and you have to guess (or more precisely, answer) where the snapshots took place. The first one to answer the most will be given... some kind of gift. Well, it doesn't really matter what gift it is. The main purpose of this game is to test your memory skills (whether you've played premade lots and remembered them) and have some fun! ^^ So don't ask what I'll give.

One more note... you must answer the name of the lot (or the family who lives in), not the neighborhood.

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TheSims23 has won the game! You still can guess and answer if you want to. If so, don't look at the answers of the previous comments. Thanks to all participants!

The last one is a bonus question. You may or may not recognize this place because it's not a premade lot. But you might know this because... it should be widely known. I think. :p