Vault of Antiquity

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The Sims 3: Supernatural

Vault of Antiquity
Vault of Antiquity.jpg
The Vault of Antiquity in Moonlight Falls

Not to be confused with Duck Security© SCR009E Super XL Smart Vault.

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The Vault of Antiquity is a rabbit hole in The Sims 3: Supernatural. Sims can tour archive inside this rabbit hole and attend Alchemy class for §100, that lasts for one and a half hour. The skill class for Alchemy in the Vault of Antiquity is cheaper than most skill classes, as others generally cost §400 or more. There's one pre-placed Vault of Antiquity behind the Library of Lore & Vault of Antiquity, the library in Moonlight Falls.

Sims who have enough money can invest their money to become a partner or buy out the property to earn more money. The cost of partnership is §2,000, while the cost of ownership is §20,000. Sims can collect money from the vault for §1,000 (partnered) or §1,500 (owner) every week. While the price of partnership is considerably cheap, the price of ownership is very expensive, costing tenfold more than partnership. On the other hand, the return of investment is very low. Owning the Vault of Antiquity is practically not beneficial.

Aside from the regular rabbit hole activities, Sims can also enter a trivia contest and research the supernatural in the Vault of Antiquity.

Trivia Contest[edit | edit source]

Rank Prize
1 §2,000
2 §1,500
3 §1,000
4 §750
5 §500
6 §250
7 §100
8 §50
9 - 12 §0

Sims can enter a trivia contest inside the Vault of Antiquity. The contest begins at 6 PM to 7 PM, and lasts until the contest ends. Virtually, up to 12 contestants compete in the contest. Multiple Sims in the active household can enter the contest together. Fake contestants will be generated by the game only to fill the empty slots to simulate competition rankings.

The contest score is determined by the number of skill level Sims have in Logic, Charisma, and Writing skills, as well as the number of books read and written. The more skills Sims have or books Sims read and write, the higher the chance of winning. Sims will be awarded money if they earn the 1st to 8th place. Additionally, the 1st-place winner will be rewarded The Perma-Palm decorative plant in their family inventory. To the right is the list of prize depending on the ranking.

Research The Supernatural[edit | edit source]

Researching the supernatural is basically a text-based adventures. While Sims are inside the vault, the players will be prompted some chance cards to decide the action Sims will take. This is similar to exploring the catacombs in mausoleum. When Sims finish researching, they will be rewarded either elixirs, moodlets, teddy bears, or magic gnomes, depending on the decisions the players make on the chance cards.

The chance card topics are based on the pre-Seasons occults: ghost, mummy, SimBot, vampire, imaginary friend, unicorn, genie, werewolf, fairy, and witch.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to patch 1.55, the Vault of Antiquity didn't generate a map tag in the map view, similar to mausoleum. The patch enabled the rabbit hole to generate a map tag. Unlike other rabbit holes map tag, the map tag of Vault of Antiquity does not replace the map tag of the community lot it's on.
  • Beside the entrance is the all-seeing eye, used by the Freemasonry

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