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The Sims 3: World Adventures

A visa indicates a Sim's progress at each exotic location in The Sims 3: World Adventures and provides benefits such as adventure rewards, longer vacation time, and unlocked adventure opportunities. Involving a Sim in the culture of a location by completing adventures gains visa points which increase their visa level. There are 4 visa levels.

Visa levels[edit | edit source]

Visa level Title by destination Number of days Points required
China Egypt France
No visa level Stranger Outsider Tourist 3 -
Visa level 1 Accepted Sanctioned traveler Vacationist 5 50
Visa level 2 Honored Endorsed explorer Seasoned sightseer 8 200 (+150)
Visa level 3 Revered Accredited adventurer Honorary citizen 10 / 12 500 (+300)

In addition to higher visa level, vacation length can be increased by having the Prepared Traveler lifetime reward and certificate of partnership of specified destination, which can be purchased from the special merchant. Both benefits add additional 3 days to the vacation length. The benefits stack from each Sim traveling to a destination, so by having 8 Sims travel with level 3 visa level, each possessing the lifetime reward and certificate, it is possible to have a maximum of 12 + (8 x 3) + (8 x 3) = 60 days of vacation.

Visa levels can do more than just increase the amount of time Sims can spend abroad. At the first level, Sims will have a benefit of buying items from the special merchant that can be seen wandering around. As the Sim's visa level increased, more items are unlocked for purchase.

Finally, at the third level, Sims can buy a vacation home as their second home. This will replace their base camp. Sims can buy more than one vacation home at a time; however Sims can only live in one vacation home at a time. Vacation homes can be used to store relics that have been found during adventures.

Sims can buy, build in, and sell vacation homes regardless of visa level, as long as they are in the same location as the home.