Jebidiah Wilson

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The Sims 3: Riverview

Jebidiah Wilson
Gender Male Male
Age Adult
Life state Sim
Jebidiah wants to be the best. He is especially happy with his job, but you know what they say, about too much work and less fun...
Education and employment
Career Resident
Family/Families Wilson family
Marital status Single
Traits Workaholic
Lifetime wish World-Renowned Surgeon
Favorites Pop
Irish Green
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Skin color Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other information
Game The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Riverview

Jebidiah Wilson is a pre-made Sim who lives in Riverview. He works as a Resident in the Medicine career. He is friends with his co-worker, Marisol Lobos. He has 6 skill points in Logic and 2 in Cooking, Handiness and Athletic. In his inventory, he only carries a medical beeper. He lives in a small house with a lot of furniture and he is often considered rich. When first played, he is 14 days away from becoming an elder.

He may be a spoof of James Wilson of House.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Athletic 2
Cooking 2
Handiness 2
Logic 6

Gallery[edit | edit source]

TideWater - 1br, 1.5ba[edit | edit source]

Built to weather even the toughest of storms, this gracious house features updated modern amenities, multiple porches, and the best view in town. Is it the ultimate bachelor pad or just a house waiting for a family to give it life?

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