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The Sims Medieval

Yacothia Banner.jpg
A Jacob's Sword paladin.
The holy city for Jacobans worldwide, Yacothia is an insular region known for its wealth and culture. While the territory enjoys a large number of artistic benefactors, their borders are well protected by the Jacob’s Sword – the famed Yacothia paladins.

The city-state of Yacothia is the holy city of Jacobans, as it's the birthplace of Jacob and the home of the Proxy. Yacothia is a theocracy, run by a High Priest or Priestess. It's military consists of a famous order of Jacoban paladins known as Jacob's Sword.

Yacothia appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 60 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Disturbingly, Yacothia's main import is poisons.


  • Fancy Clothing for 2 units of Wood
  • A Staff of the Watcher for 6 units of Mithral
  • A bottle of Watched Water for 5 Goose Feather
  • A Watcher's Blade for a prisoner