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This page is kept for humorous purposes. Please do not take it seriously — just have a good laugh!

10 signs you've been on The Sims Wiki too much
  1. Your userboxes determines the height of your user page, not the actual content.
  2. You start a vote before deciding if you should throw out leftovers IRL.
  3. When doing a webpage you use Wiki mark-up instead of regular HTML.
  4. You look for the 'edit' button when you see a spelling error on the web.
  5. People stopped using your Facebook and come to your talk page instead.
  6. You look down in your left corner to see the 'latest edits' even when you're not on the wiki.
  7. You reply 'Citation Needed' when your friends make outrageous claims.
  8. You try to mark paintings for speedy deletion if you've seen them before.
  9. You start using UTC timezones.
  10. You spell The Sims with capital letters and italics, unlike any other player.