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Welcome to The Sims Wiki! This wiki was created in advance of a possible future migration from Wikia to Miraheze. Miraheze is a non-profit wiki hosting service that offers all of its services for free and without ads, and offers great technical support, up-to-date wiki software, and much much more!

We are currently working on behind-the-scenes aspects of the wiki, like setting up templates, help pages, and other customizability settings to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. In the meantime, please visit our old site on Wikia, which will continue to operate as "business as usual" mode until the migration.

If you want to help support the future of The Sims Wiki, the very least you can do is donate to Miraheze; this will help cover rising server costs and ensure the lights stay on around here. We couldn't thank Miraheze more for giving us the opportunity to be here.

If you edit here, click here to access recent changes. Also see The Sims Wiki:Miraheze migration for what else needs to be done.