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The Urbz: Sims in the City

Kicktail Park

"Totally Casual, Dudes!"

Bump and grind takes on a different meaning in this concrete rich, spark throwing district of The Urbz: Sims in the City. Grab your board, throw on your baggy pants, and tuck the hat down as low as it’ll go – you’ve just broken through the barrier into Kicktail Park, the premier location for skateboarding fanatics and totally chill place to hang.

Grind on the fountain to impress the locals to get an invitation into Floater’s Air Bar, or take your board straight to the half-pipe out back to make some simoleans and maybe learn a new social move or three.

Kicktail Park is also the test location for a new chain: Major Monkey’s Ice Cream Emporium. I’d urge you to try a bar or two, or pay for the light show if you’ve got the extra cash. Dude, it’s all about the monkey.

The VIP Room in this area is known as Floater's Air Bar. To get in, you’ve gotta impress the locals with your board moves, be showing the right threads, and get your mood high enough so you don’t bring the party down. Once you’ve checked in here, you can hit the midnight party and kick it until the sun comes up.

If you still have a yen for Grunge you’ve come to the right place to buy the latest in retro. From flannelette shirts, cargo pants, tie-dyed t-shirts and torn jeans to unwashed hair you can hang down over your eyes.

Better still you can buy all kinds of items to turn your home sweet home into a skater’s dream. Prop up your shelves on cinderblocks, your table on milk crates and install an arcade machine in your lounge to relive your rose tinted college days.

It’s below 125th near the new pipeline being constructed on the East End which makes it perfect for... less than legal skateboarding.

Getting a reputation here will get you noticed by the residents of The Foundry.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Skid Mark runs the half pipe, so if you need a job talk to him, but if you want to learn some new social moves to help you fit in then seek out Ally Stile or Trang Hang. Rounding out this district are Rolanda Skye and String Bean, all of whom are worth getting to know and are the tightest turners and grinders in the city.

Social Interactions[edit | edit source]

File:Kicktailpark INT.png

Preferred Moves

  • High Five
  • Party Shout
  • Skate Trick
  • Tag Face
  • Tuck N' Hug 360

Taught Moves

  • Party Shout (unlocked by befriending Ally Stile)
  • Skate Trick (unlocked by befriending Trang Hang)
  • Snippy Snap (unlocked by completing level one of the local job)
  • Techno (unlocked by completing level two of the local job)
  • Deafen (unlocked by completing level three of the local job)

Upon entering the VIP area around midnight, the player urb will recieve a Sk8R TriiQx social from Darius, which can be used to stop the villain Kiki Blunt.

District Relationships[edit | edit source]

Like all other districts, Kicktail Park urbz will have relationships with other urbz based on which district they come from.


Kicktail Park urbz will use Greet, Act Friendly, or Act Romantic social moves with urbz from these districts.


Kicktail Park urbz will use random social moves with urbz from these districts.


Kicktail Park urbz will use Act Mean social moves with urbz from these districts.

Locations[edit | edit source]

File:Kicktailpark OV.png
  • The Grunge (Clothing Shop)
  • Skid's Half-Pipe (Local Job)
  • Floater's Air Bar (VIP Area)
  • Major Monkey's Ice Cream Emporium
  • Kicktail Arcade

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