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Pleasantview[edit source]

Since everyone likes Pleasantview, it is time to see which PV Sim is the most popular. For those who like Bella Goth, please go to the Strangetown Votings. The rules say that you can only vote one per town, so pick wisely. After viewing the Sims, vote below. The winner will be annonced in the choice awards in October, ready to get ready for Sims 3.

Here They Are[edit source]

Goth[edit source]

Pleasant[edit source]

Lothario[edit source]

Broke[edit source]

Caliente[edit source]

Dreamer[edit source]

In lead; Beau Broke

Rules[edit source]

Do NOT put the number in yourself please. All you have to do is type the name in yourself. I only need the name. Thank you. Just note that after a week, each message will be deleted unless really good.

Put Names Here[edit source]