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The Lari family
Tarek wanted to start a successful telescopes retail business on his own. Everything was prepared, but Tarek did something that was not-so wise. While testing the telescopes, a strange figure of light appeared and took him away.

He was very embarrassed, so embarrassed that he has ran away from home.
Now he ended up being in Sedona. If he hadn't have tested the telescopes, he would already have started with his very own retail business.

Name The Lari family
Members Tarek Lari
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot 30 Pinwheel End
Funds §181
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Sedona

The Lari family resides in 30 Pinwheel End in Sedona. It consists of one Sim—Tarek Lari, who starts off pregnant with an alien baby in the invisible stage. Like other residents in Sedona, he is unemployed and is 29 days away from becoming an elder.