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First row (left to right):Cassandra,Yulanda,Bianca,Rox-Annah,Jaleah .... Down row (left to right): Arriana,Annisa,Ashlee,Tamara


1 2 3 4 5
Cassandra 1 B2 1 TBA
Tamara 4 1 5 TBA
Annisa 7 2 B2 TBA
Ashlee 3 4 3 TBA
Bianca B2 6 6 TBA
Jaleah 2 7 4 TBA
Rox-Annah 8 3 2 TBA
Yulanda 5 5 OUT
Arriana 6 OUT
Jessica OUT

Umm sorry cause it says TotalDramaCombess,it's the wikia account,the real account on YT is[edit source]

Sims2ProducsionMaker[edit source]

An italic letter means that girl got 1st callout.

B2 means that character was in the bottom 2.

A cut text e.g: OUT means that character was out of the competition.

An italic + Bold means that character quit.

Episode 1: Watch your face![edit source]

In teh first episode,the girls firstly arrived at their house,then they had a make-up challenge! Next day,their first photoshoot was a paint one,which most girls got to handle well.Then they went to panel,where Cassandra received first photo for such a good picture.Bianca fell deeply in both challenges,so she was in the bottom 2.Jessica joining her with her boring photos and make-up.So Bianca took advantage of that,moving on another week.Jessica was sent home!

Cassandra's stunning picture.

[edit source]

==[edit source]

Episode 2: Work it![edit source]

Episode 2 was one of the hardest for the girls,they woke up getting makeover'd! Right after that they are having a sims 2 episodes photoshoot.Tamara rocked it winning her 1st call-out.Cassandra totally disapopinted the jury,but Arriana was the one going home!

Tamara's 1st call-out picture

Episode 3: Fashion's a flame,you need to burn![edit source]

Episode 3 was a pretty easy episode,but it had a lot of tension.The girls had a runway with the

fabulous Diva,Ms. Jay Alexander! Ashlee won and kept a wonderful dress! After that,the girls had a little tension in the house,with Yulanda not agreeing with Ashlee's win. Rox-Annah heard her conversation with Cassandra about that,and told Ashlee as soon as possible.The two argued.But let's get to the improtant part of the episode,the photoshoot! The girls had a very easy photoshoot this week,a simple swimsuit one.Posing near a stunning view of a sea,they had to give an edge for the background.Cassandra came back with the gorgeous edge so she received first call-out again.Annisa and Yulanda landed in the bottom,all the girls being shocked after Amanda revealed the girl staying.Yulanda was going home,and Annisa was safe. Now only seven are left.

Cassandra's first call-out swimsuit photo.
Annisa's swimsuit photo that got he in the bottom two.

Yulanda's swimsuit photo that sent her home.

Episode 4: Just dance! TBA[edit source]