Traveller family

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Traveller family
After a few years of astounding success in his law career, Trent realized the life of a working man wasn’t for him. He decided to take his modest fortune and travel with his family to explore the world.
Name Traveller family
Members Trent Traveller, Trisha Traveller, Tina Traveller
Funds §60,000
Other information
Game The Sims 2: Bon Voyage
Playability Family Bin
Neighborhood Exotic Destinations

The Traveller family consists of husband and wife, Trent Traveller, Trisha Traveller and their young daughter, Tina. They are a pre-made family from The Sims 2: Bon Voyage and are found in the family bin. They are looking forward to traveling to exotic destinations and they start with §60.000 in family funds, so they have enough money to travel a lot.

Much like the Dreamer family, every member of the Traveller family has the initials T.T.- the Dreamers have double-lettered initials as well (D.D.).


Traveller - One who travels or has traveled, as to distant places.

Family tree



  • There are two improperly deleted Sims attached to the family.
The Traveller Family
Trent - Trisha - Tina

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