88 Road to Nowhere

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The Sims 2

88 Road to Nowhere
Lot type Community
Value §183,472
Lot size 50x40
Number of floors 2
Neighborhood Strangetown
Game The Sims 2

Keep it real with a trip to the local shopping center. In this abandoned "government facility" Strangetown Sims find comfort in clothes, food, and entertainment.

88 Road to Nowhere is a community lot found in Strangetown, one of the neighborhoods included with The Sims 2.

There are four buildings on the lot, all of which appear old, and most of which appear to have had other uses in the past. Going from left to right, the first building, which may have once been a small office building, has a clothing store on its lower level. The clothing store has a changing booth, but no mirror. Part of that level is laid out to simulate a receiving and storage area, with bare walls, a concrete floor, and even a simulated loading dock. (Players with Seasons may wish to note that this area's access to the outside is through a double arch, not a door.) The upper level of that building has desks and chairs that are arranged to suggest abandoned office space, but is not being used. The front and sides of the building have been re-faced, but the rear wall is red brick. Strangely, there is a community garbage can on the roof; it may have been placed there so the building would seem to have a roof vent when seen in the neighborhood view.

The next building, which appears to have been a chapel, sells magazines and video games. If the Sellafone Gadget Kiosk is available in Buy mode, one of the magazine racks can be deleted and replaced with a kiosk. The third building is a grocery that also has tables where Sims can eat food prepared on the grill in the back. It is not clear what its original purpose might have been.

In the back, there is a sunken indoor pool in what appears to be an abandoned industrial building, possibly a warehouse. The building has speakers which play the Pop radio station. The pool itself appears to have been abandoned, but is accessible and usable. The bathrooms are attached to this building, and have doors that open into it, as well as doors to the outside. If the pool and the stairs leading to it are removed, using Build mode's Level Terrain tool on the sunken area will bring it up to ground level.

pl:Droga Donikąd 88 ru:Дорога-в-Никуда, 88