Crittur family

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Crittur family
In a world full of conflict, who knew that these two would fall so deeply in puppy love? Despite being homeless, Danny and Sarah have stuck together throughout the years. But Sarah wants a better life for their future little ones, so they’re looking for a good home to settle down.
Name Crittur family
Members Danny Crittur, Sarah Crittur
Funds §200
Other information
Game The Sims 2: Pets
Playability Family bin
Neighborhood Pets
The Crittur family is one of the premade families that can be found in the family bin that came with the Pets expansion pack. The family includes Danny Crittur, who is a large dog, and his mate Sarah Crittur who is also a large dog. Sarah is pregnant with their litter and hopes to find a home to give birth. As they are pets they cannot "buy" a home so must be merged with another household to be played. They do have a starting sum of 200 Simoleons - not enough to buy a lot themselves unless a cheat is used so the only way to play the Crittur family would be to merge their household with another. They have been known to crash the game when merged with a pre-existing family.

This family and the Rambler family from The Sims Pet Stories are the only families that only have pets as residents.


Any animal; as, lots of critters come out only at night.


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