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Daisy Wheels
Daisy Wheels


Helen's sorority project sounds like a lot of fun, but no one's ever taken Daisy's music seriously before. How can she turn her back on the chance to be in a real band? She can't, that's how!

Life State:

Name: Daisy Wheels

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Type: Human

Education & Employment:

Year: Freshman

Major: Undeclared


Aspiration: Popularity

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Lifetime Want: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends


Parents: Axel Wheels, Mag Wheels

Siblings: Helen Wheels

Romances: None

Children: None

Marital Status: Single

Roommates: JoAnn Gutenberg, Dot Matrix


Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Skintone: S2

Body Shape: Thin

Other Information:

Game: The Sims 2 University

Playability: Playable

Neighborhood: Land Grant University

Daisy Wheels is one of the pre-made playable students in Land Grant University. She lives in the Printer Sisters household with roommates JoAnn Gutenberg and Dot Matrix.

Daisy is still undeclared and is in her freshman year. (2nd semester). She starts off with 4 creativity skill point. Daisy is 71 hours away from the final exam.

When first played, she's friends with her sister Helen Wheels, JoAnn Gutenberg and Dot Matrix.

When the Printer Sisters household is first entered, Daisy is playing the bass.