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Daytona Beech
Daytona Beech
Daytona is the big fish in this small pond. After finally bringing the highway and economic development to Widespot, should she push for higher office, or stop and smell the grandchildren?
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Elder
Aspiration: Popularity
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Marital Status: Single


Hamilton Beech (Child)

Sandy Beech (Child-In-Law)

Virginia Beech (Grandchild)

Rocky Beech (Grandchild)

Unborn Baby Beech-Hart (Step-Grandchild)


Hair Colour: Grey (Possibly Red as an Adult)

Eye Colour: Brown

Skintone: S4

Neighborhood: Widespot

Daytona Beech is an elder Sim who resides along with her family in Widespot and is 57 days old.

Daytona works in Politics as a State Assemblywoman. It is all thanks to her efforts that Widespot is growing and thriving. However, this may not be in favour to others in town who wish to seclude themselves from the rest of society.

According to her bio, she is also thinking of running for office, though, she's not quite so sure about it.