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Who is this Darleen?[edit | edit source]

It can be that sims, hidden in game might be actual sims. It could have been that hidden Darleen died, then maxis deleted her tombstone/urn and deleted memory of Darleen dying, then created new one, then edited family tree, making her spouse of Dareen, mother of Dirk, daughter of Omar and Mariana Matlapin, then deleted hidden Darleen's files.

  • Darleen and Darleen are identical twin sisters, except of course their personalities are different. She was the lost twin who died in Mariana's pregnancy, but was ressurected in simPE. or maxis just put 2. we will NEVER know....
  • It could be that Maxis made the hidden one first, but didnt want the players to be able to use this hair and clothing so deleted her and made a new one and forgot what her aspiration was and figured it was probably family. Mellie sweetheart88 19:11, July 4, 2011 (UTC)
  • I think is the real Darleen dreamer, because she looks more genetically related to Dirk than the other one. Same for Skip Broke and Michael Bachelor.
  • i think that she was used for pictures but when they decided to not use the hair they just deleted her and got the other darleen and made her have dirk and all that
  • EA could have just rushed with the deceased sims in Pleasentview and accidently made a second Darleen, either that or EA is trying to trick people, like the Bella Goth thingy in Lunar Lakes
  • they made a hidden one because they were making her and then they reliazed the hair was a hidden accesory, so they did darleen again.
  • I think they first made a Darleen that was related to Dirk and the rest of the family, then, for whatever reason, made another Darleen and deleted the first one (Also what I think about the second Nervous Subject). I'm not exactly sure why they made a second Darleen, but there has to be a reason.
  • Most likely they decided to remove the hair so deleted her insted and edited darleen in simPE