EZ120v Lightning Finial

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The Sims 2: Seasons

EZ120v Lightning Finial
As the storm and lightning rages above your beloved home, you may rest calmly, knowing the EZ120v Lightning Finial is calling down all the wrath the elements can summon. "But what if lightning strikes here?" you ask. "What if it burns the home!" Well, what if it does? The EZ120v does not ask "what if", as talk matters not when dealing with lightning. The EZ120v stares the lightning down for you. That's dedication!
Game The Sims 2: Seasons
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §315
Object type(s) Special
Size 1x1

The EZ120v Lightning Finial is a lightning rod in The Sims 2: Seasons that can be used as protection from lightning strikes. Placing a lightning rod reduces the risk of lightning striking Sims that are outdoors during a thunderstorm, and subsequently increases the chances of lightning hitting the rod, where it will be harmlessly grounded.

A single lightning rod has a 50% chance of attracting lightning during a thunderstorm; each subsequent lightning rod placed will increase the probability of a lightning rod being hit by 4%, up to a maximum of 70%.[1] It should be noted that lightning is far more likely to hit trees than lightning rods; having a few trees with no lightning rods will decrease the chances of a Sim getting hit by 95%, meaning that it is more efficient to simply place trees on the lot for lightning protection, rather than lightning rods. If both trees and lightning rods are used, the chances of getting hit are reduced to 3%.[2]

Although lightning rods can be placed on a sloped roof, the game will consider such lightning rods to be located indoors, and as such, will never be struck by lightning. Players should place lightning rods on the ground or on a flat roof.[3]

The lightning rod has an environment rating of 2.

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