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Fury or jealousy is a relationship feature that was added in The Sims 2: Nightlife. Fury is also featured in The Sims Life Stories, The Sims Pet Stories and The Sims Castaway Stories. Fury in The Sims Stories has the same effects as in The Sims 2.

If a Sim is upset with another, he or she may gain a fury mark on the relationship panel, shown by a red haze over a Sim's portrait. It decreases the relationship drastically while it's in effect, putting both Daily and Lifetime scores below -50, depending on the offense. However, it does not appear that fury alone is enough to cause one Sim to consider another as an enemy.

Studying Anger Management reduces the chance of becoming furious with another Sim.[TS2:AL]

A Downtownie who is furious with a Sim may appear on that Sim's residential lot regardless of where that Sim lives. If University is installed, a Sim who is furious with a young adult may appear on the young adult's residential lot, and a young adult who is furious with a playable non-college Sim may appear on that Sim's lot.

Causes of Fury[edit | edit source]

Fury can be caused by multiple things.

Puddle Rage[edit | edit source]

Very neat Sims who are told to clean up someone else's puddles will be furious toward him/her. For example, when a Sim creates puddles, a neat Sim who cleans up the puddles will be furious, though the fury is not as bad as intimidation fury. This also happens when a neat Sim does a water balloon prank, and then clean up the puddles. The Sim will be furious for cleaning up the mess he/she made towards the prank target. This was patched in the FreeTime patch.

Losing Games[edit | edit source]

Very mean Sims will be furious when losing a game to the winner. This sometimes happens after playing the video games, dart, chess, and so on.

Fighting[edit | edit source]

Doing certain intimidating interactions can cause someone to be furious. The interactions include "Throw Drink", "Shove", "Slap", "Attack", and "Savage"[TS2:P]. Doing prank calls will also cause fury.

Affairs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Affairs

A surefire way to make a Sim see red is to be caught in an affair. It's a double-fury, with the Sim angry at the cheater and the one he or she was with (if they have never met, they meet at that point, usually starting at a healthy -100/-100 in relationships).

Burglary[edit | edit source]

Another cause of fury is getting burgled, even if the burglar doesn't manage to steal anything. Although this is completely random (unless cheats are used), the Sim will be furious with the burglar for a long time.

Emergency Call[edit | edit source]

If a Sim or butler calls the firefighter when there's no fire or police when there's no burglar, the emergency Sim will lecture the Sim and the Sim will become furious with them.

Being Stood Up[edit | edit source]

If a Sim asks another Sim on a date to a community lot, but doesn't attend, and after a reminder that their date is at the lot, a message will appear in the top right hand corner asking the Sim not to call them again. The Sim that was stood up will then be furious with the Sim who asked them on the date.

Being Spied On[edit | edit source]

If a Sim uses the Look Through option of the telescope, the Sim being spied upon will come over to their house and shove them, which will make the spying Sim furious.

Duration[edit | edit source]

The length of fury depends on the offense. Fury caused by simply throwing a drink may only last a few days, if that long. Getting caught cheating, however, ensures that the Sim will be upset at both parties for a very long time, possibly even after fury wears off. Surprisingly, it seems fury provoked by a burglary lasts the longest, but again, this is not completely reliable. If Seasons is installed, drinking strawberry juice reduces the duration of fury, and may clear it altogether.

As fury diminishes, the relationship scores may increase, in addition to the normal decay toward 0/0 scores. This is sometimes used for Sims that were already at rock bottom to gain some points.[n 1]

Blind spot[edit | edit source]

If The Sims 2 and none of the other expansion packs after Nightlife are installed, the player can prevent fury between married couples by making them divorce and become roommates.

Usually when one Sim catches their spouse cheating on them, and they previously had a high (ex. 100/100) relationship score, their score will drop to -100/-100. If the player uses the "Break Up" interaction and then saves the lot as the other Sim starts walking off the property, moving the Sims out of their lot and back in again, will automatically cause their score to return to about 26/100.

Unlocked Interactions[edit | edit source]

A furious Sim often gets a thought bubble of the one he or she is angry with, with flames coming off it, and may fight with the other Sim more often than usual. They also get the option to "Bad Mouth" about the fury recipient to someone else, although this causes a relationship decrease for those two. If the furious Sim does not live on the lot, they may sneak to the home at night, usually to either steal newspapers, steal lawn gnomes, or kick over trashcans. Furthermore, it's possible that a ghost that died furious will be extra angry in the afterlife. At the very least, it seems they still think about the one they hate. Furious Sims will often want to see the ghost of the Sim they are furious at.

Apologizing[edit | edit source]

The offending Sim can try to repair the relationship by using the "Apologize" interaction. However, this will not remove fury, as originally intended. This mod from Cyjon removes fury when a Sim apologizes.

With The Sims 2: Apartment Life, Sims can study couples counseling that allows the interaction: "Repair relationship with..."

With The Sims 2: FreeTime, Sims with the Smooth Talk aspiration benefit, which is the top-level benefit for Romance Sims, can use it to repair relationships with other Sims. However, this is a romantic interaction.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This mod prevents fury from raising relationships over time, instead relationships will revert to what they were before the two Sims were furious.