Greenman family

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Greenman family
Jason gave up his name and changed his lifestyle for the love of his green-skinned goddess. Despite the love that they share will they be able to raise a happy, healthy child? Can Rose adjust to living in a town instead of the great outdoors?
Name Greenman family
Members Jason Greenman, Rose Greenman, Daisy Greenman
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections O'Mackey family, Roth family
Lot 110 Old Farm Road
Funds §2,556
Other information
Game The Sims 2: Seasons
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills

The Greenman family is one of the pre-made families in Riverblossom Hills, the neighborhood that came with the Seasons expansion pack. The family includes Jason Greenman and his PlantSim wife Rose Greenman. They have one daughter, a spore child of Rose, named Daisy Greenman. They live at 110 Old Farm Road. While the family has a computer, they do not appear to have a television.

The Greenman family may also be a matrilineal family, but since Rose's family members are not shown, it is uncertain.


Greenman "grow green, make green," "vegetables," "of tender age, youthful"

  • Jason Greenman (In Greek mythology) son of Aeson, leader of the Argonauts "to heal."
  • Rose Greenman (flower rose) "The rose was a special growth of Macedonia" "cheerful" "promising". This name seems fitting, as both Rose and Daisy are PlantSims, and Roses and Daisies are flowers, a type of plant.
  • Daisy Greenman (flower daisy) "day's eye," "sun's eye". This name seems fitting, as Rose and Daisy are PlantSims and Roses and Daisies are flowers, a type of plant.

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