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Life Fruit
Game The Sims 3
Buyability No
Price in game N/A
Object type(s) Special
Garden plant
Size 1x1 floor

Life Fruit is a special kind of fruit available in The Sims 3. It resembles a yellow-colored pear with a halo. The life fruit also glows gently, and can be used as a natural light source on lots. It takes a long time to produce but, as with the other special seeds, is very rewarding. It requires gardening level 7 to plant.

Sims can receive the seed by searching the town, as a science career reward, by exploring the catacombs in a mausoleum, fishing it out of a body of water, or while using the Time Machine. The fruit itself may also be obtained from a culinary career opportunity. The life fruit cannot be bought in the supermarket, but may be fed to an Omni Plant. Sims can sell life fruit (§20), alongside the usual uses of fruits such as eating, planting, and cooking them. It is the best fertilizer. They can be eaten raw to restore one day of lifespan. Meals made with life fruit, such as life fruit pancakes, do not have the same rejuvenating effect.

Players can also get life fruit by activating the testingcheatsenabled true cheat and typing buydebug in the cheat box (ctrl + shift + c) in buy mode. The life fruit can then be found under 'Plant Spawners'.

It is an ingredient used to make the dish ambrosia. Doing so requires mastery of the cooking skill and a deathfish, which requires fishing skill 7. Ambrosia has better effects than life fruit alone, which include resetting the Sim's current life stage. (i.e. If the Sim has been an elder and is a day until death, if they eat the ambrosia they will act as if they had just aged into an elder) Additionally, it will resurrect any ghost Sim that eats it.

If a Sim with the Nectar Making[TS3:WA] skill makes a nectar bottle with more than 50% life fruit (6 or more), then the nectar will provide an extra day of lifespan. A life fruit plant can be found and harvested in a tomb in the Pyramid of the Sky in Al Simhara, Egypt.[TS3:WA]

Making a SimBot[TS3:A] with the inventing skill requires 10 life fruit.

If a Unicorn[TS3:P] blesses a fruit, there is a 10% chance that fruit will become a life fruit.

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