Life Under a Microscope

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The Sims 4

Life Under a Microscope
Life Under a Microscope.png
Ever feel like you were a specimen in a lab, with everyone staring and analyzing and dissecting and judging? Well, now you can study the effects of such behavior more comfortably, from the other side of the lens.
Game The Sims 4
Buyability Build mode
Price in game §1,630
Object type(s) Activities and Skills
Size 2x5

Life Under a Microscope is a large microscope in The Sims 4. It costs §1,630 and is found in the Activities and Skills section in build mode, under Knowledge.

Sims can use the microscope to analyze microscope samples collected from different kinds of plants, in order to expand their microscope print collection, which are various forms of pictures that can be placed on to walls. Sims can also casually use the object, with a chance of becoming inspired.

After achieving a high enough level in the handiness skill, Sims can upgrade their microscope. At level 8 they can "Robustify Inner Workings", which reduces the likelihood of the object breaking. At level 9 Sims can "Improve Lens Quality", which increases the chance to success. Also at level 9, Sims can "Perfect Inner Workings", which makes the object unbreakable.