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  • klapaucius[1] / rosebud
1,000 Simoleons
Allows the player to move - or delete - any object anywhere on the lot. It can be used to fix some problems, such as "stuck stairs", but can cause problems if overused or misused. It can be used to delete objects that should not be deleted, such as the mailbox, carpool, or the portals which allow Sims and vehicles to enter and exit a lot. Therefore, it is best to be in Build mode when using this cheat to move or delete items, as Buy mode in The Sims does not have an Undo function, but Build mode does. This cheat can be used to restore a Sim's motives, but doing this also resets the Sim's skills to their level at the last save. To prevent this, save the game before deleting the Sim.
  •  !
repeat last cheat
  •  ;
separate multiple codes
This can be used with  !  to repeat a code multiple times. In practice,  ;! only applies to the klapaucius/rosebud money cheat.
  • water_tool
create streams
eventually folded into Build Mode
grow grass
eventually folded into Build Mode
  • dump_happy
dump selected Sim's recent list of scored interactions to a file
  • set_hour <1-24>[1]
set time of day
  • grow_grass <0-150>
  • map_edit [on / off]
enables/disables map editor
  • autonomy <1-1000>
set Sims ability to think
  • draw_floorable on/off
  • edit_char
make a Sim
  • house file
import a house
  • hist_add
add history stat to family
  • history
save family history file
  • prepare_lot
fix required lot objects
  • import
import a family file
  • interests
shows the Sim's interests, but only those from the original game. Interests added in Hot Date are not shown.
Camera Toggle
Music toggle
Sound toggle
  • HTML
Web page creation toggle
Toggle sound event
Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
Set event logging mask
  • ROTATION <number 0-3>
Rotate camera
Enable/disable basic tutorial
  • draw_all_frames on/off
Show/hide tile info
Enable/disable ticks
  • Nessie
Shows Nessie in the river in neighborhood view. Nessie appears in: Old Town, Downtown, Vacation Island

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 unpatched version only

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