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See here for how to enter cheat mode.

Code Result
FISH EYE Allows the player to enter a first person perspective with the active sim by Raising/Lowering the Walls.
FREEALL Makes all objects in Build and Buy Mode free (§0). Bills, services, and other
MIDAS Unlocks all Build and Buy Objects, as well as all Create-A-Sim Items.
PARTY M Unlocks the Party Motel two-player game.
SIMS Unlocks "Play the Sims" mode, without having to start the Get a Life storyline.
An add-on to the Top Chart
§999,999+ Open up an unoccupied lot or a lot that appears to be useless
An easy in-game cheat Next, sell anything there and tear down the whole house
Then build a huge room, leaving behind two blocks of space remaining on all four sides and leaving behind one opening, use the most expensive wallpaper, and build picket fencing (they must scatter them in various lengths around the lot in order to get §1,000 and above)
Lastly, go back to the wallpaper section, use drywall, and began to tear down what wallpaper is being removed (thus, this will trick the game without harming the data nor lot and the player's family will be rich within a few minutes) (they must also hold down the L button to keep going)
The amount of time and button pressing will vary due to the amount of money the sim/family will receive each time the player removes. §1,000 and above will take around five minutes and slightly less time to get §999,999+. (Note: if the player's sim gets married to an individual, his/her spouse will have over one million simoleons if they choose to do the same thing for them.)

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