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The Maxoids were the Maxis employees who worked on the The Sims and The Sims 2. They were mainly producers, with some being part of the community team, overseeing the running of the official website and forums (BBS). They would also interact with the community in moderated live chat sessions.

Here is an incomplete list of the Maxoids:

  • MaxoidDano
  • MaxoidDramaLlama (Community Manager)
  • MaxoidDrea (Web Manager)
  • MaxoidGoonter
  • MaxoidHunter!
  • MaxoidKane (Community Manager)
  • MaxoidKitty
  • MaxoidLittleL
  • MaxoidLuc
  • MaxoidLucy
  • MaxoidMel (Community Manager)
  • MaxoidMojo
  • MaxoidMonkey
  • MaxoidMoonBelly
  • MaxoidPlumbbob (Trailer Editor)
  • MaxoidSam
  • MaxoidTim
  • MaxoidVanquish (Community Manager)
  • Maxoid_Hydra (Community Manager)
  • Maxoid_Zipper