McDonald's Food Kiosk

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McDonald's Food Kiosk
Has the lackluster selection of local cuisine got you down? Does your stomach turn at the thought of yet another slice of pizza or hot dog from the local vendor? Well, at McDonald's, we sympathize with your plight and have found a way to bring our special brand of food and fun to just about any corner of your world.

Meet the McDonald's Food Kiosk. This compact version of the full size restaurant serves up all of your favorites in a matter of seconds: the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Egg McMuffin, and of course, America's Favorite Fries®!

Each kiosk comes complete with one of our own Team McDonald's employees, who maintain a quaint studio apartment in the base of the structure and are happy to serve up hungry customers no matter what the time.

Big Mac...little cart...great value.

Game The Sims
Buyability Community lot only
Price in game §4900

McDonald's Food Kiosk is an object in The Sims which could be downloaded from and other official websites. It could be used in community lots from The Sims: Hot Date and subsequent expansions packs. As the website has since been taken down, the kiosk can be downloaded here.

The description on read like this:

Who could resist the smell of America's Favorite Fries®? Reel in the customers by placing a McDonald's Food Kiosk on your lot. It's a sure-fire way for the owner to turn a profit and for the visiting consumer to pump up their fun and hunger motives.