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The Sims 2

Oldie family
The Oldies are simply one of the nicest families around. Their years together through good and bad have made them into the wonderful parents, and grandparents, they are today.
Name Oldie family
Members Herb Oldie, Coral Oldie
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Pleasant family
Funds §20,900
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Family bin
Neighborhood Pleasantview

The Oldie family is one of the pre-made families in Pleasantview that came in the base game of The Sims 2. Herb and Coral Oldie apparently moved to Pleasantview sometime after the end of The Sims (which means they have had 25 years to live there and raise their daughter, who isn't living with her parents at the start of the game). They have §20,900 in family funds, and can be found in the family bin.


Herb Oldie -- (Mary-Sue's adoptive father) -- A flowering plant whose stem above ground does not become woody. Such a plant valued for medical properties.

Coral Oldie -- (Mary-Sue's adoptive mother) -- The rock like composite found in a reef.

Myron Oldie -- (Herb's father) -- Means "Myrrh" in Greek. Myrrh is a fragrant resin obtained from the bark of an Arabian tree.

Irma Oldie (Herb's mother) -- Means "whole, universal."

Bruno Ruggbyrne (Coral's father) -- Means "brown."

Mamie Ruggbyrne (Coral's mother) -- Diminutive of Mary, meaning "beloved," or a slang term for mother or grandmother.

Family tree


The Oldie Family
Myron - Irma - Herb - Coral - Mary-Sue

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