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Discontinued Feature
This community feature no longer exists. Please use the Fanon namespace for player stories from now on.

Player Stories was a user-oriented feature which specifically enabled users – anonymous and registered – to write their own stories about particular Sims across The Sims Wiki. The feature and its policy were created on

Everyone plays The Sims series differently. Not only is it a game without an ending, it's a game in which you don't have to follow a plot.

As of August 24th 2012, the Player Stories feature had been completely removed. Discussions about the elimination of Player Stories can be found in Community Discussion archive 16, started on June 4, 2011. At the first discussion, the result was not to delete the Player Stories, and no actions were taken. The discussion was brought up back on June 10, 2012, as in Community Discussion archive 19. The conclusion was an eventual deletion, which was to set up a deletion date so users could preserve their stories if they wanted to.

A blog was created to announce this discussion, as well as to make other users notified. On July 24, 2012, a decision was finally made up to delete all Player Stories permanently in 1 month after. Eventually, the Player Stories had been all removed and the community had been notified.

The Fanon namespace succeeded the Player Stories, and replaced it as a feature to enable users to still share stories of their own or premade Sims, in a similar style to the mainspace articles.

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