Ranger's Ranch Campground

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The Sims: Vacation

Ranger's Ranch Campground
Lot type Community
Neighborhood Vacation Island
Game The Sims: Vacation

Hotel schmotel! Real outdoorsims know that open air camping is the only way to enjoy nature. It's also the best way to enjoy our open air campsite attractions!

Ranger's Ranch Campground is a lot from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 44 Lagoon Moon Road.

This forest lot has two tents, a couple of porta-potties, and a couple of showers. There are changing booths, so Sims arriving from other areas of the island can change into everyday clothes. There are three grills, so Sims aren't likely to go hungry. There's a water-balloon fort, an archery range, a fishing pier, a fire pit, and a rental booth.

If The Sims: Unleashed is installed, there should be some pet bowls, some doghouses, and a dog bath. There are no litter pans or beds that cats can use, nor are there any pet fun items.