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The Silver Rocket Service Station is a place in The Sims 2 located in Strangetown, for PlayStation Portable where the player will first arrive in the game. It was named for the big silver rocket near the roadside.

Oscar's Garage[edit | edit source]

After the player's car has broken down, they will pull up to Oscar Del Fuego, who works as the Mechanic and owns the repair shop. Oscar is not happy that the player has pulled up with their broken-down car and has not talked to his preferred manner. After chatting (social game), he will give the player instructions on where to go next, whilst he fixes the car.

When the player finishes their missions with Mambo Loa, they will find out that Oscar's Garage has disappeared.

The Curio Shoppe[edit | edit source]

The Curio Shoppe is owned by Mambo Loa, who teaches the player how to gain friendships, romantic relationships, and how to fulfill needs and wants. She will also give the player a reading (if chosen) to figure out what aspiration and personality the player has (and introducing her low prices at the register).

Bella Goth is found in the Curio Shoppe always walking with a sad sway. The player will learn she was abducted by aliens and is trying to leave town immediately; however, she never leaves Strangetown and basically lives in the shop with Mambo Loa constantly using the bathroom, talking on the phone, and sleeping on the bench. According to Mambo, she is very depressed and is very easy to talk to. She is so eager to sell her house, the Espiritu Estate which is priced at $999,999, she sells it for the amount of money the player has in his/her pocket and even includes a maid. She hints there is a problem with the house, but doesn't give many details.

The Gas Station[edit | edit source]

Outside, the player will find a gas station and Deputy Duncan; walking around, kicking the tire of his cop car, and admiring the poster's. He will be your ride to the next site, Paradise Place, but not before the player gets a place to stay, and to helps him get donuts from Mambo Loa. After the missions are completed, he will give the player a ride to his/her new home.

The Cell Phone[edit | edit source]

After the player finds out that Oscar's Garage is gone, he/she will discover a cell phone coincidentally ringing on the ground. Once the player obtains the cell phone, a perk, he/she will answer to Doctor Newlow who offers the player a job and encourage's him/her to find a house and a ride.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The player can buy a Road Map from the Curio Shoppe that helps with traveling from one location to the other.
  • The player will discover that Mambo Loa knows the ingredients for curing Vampirism.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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