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If you open up Sandi's or River's family tree, you'll find they have no fathers. What is up with that?

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • I think that Fiona McIrish and Molly French both used to have boyfriends but Fiona's boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant and Molly's Boyfriend left her because she had an affair and it wasn't his baby. Then they both found eachother because both of them needed a house and couldn't afford it by themselves without a man to help pay so they moved in together. ~Kelsinarose
  • I think that they were made in CAS so they only have mothers, no fathers. --Random Ranaun 22:28, 26 June 2009 (UTC)
  • to add a bit of mystery in the game :0 katie kolman xxx
  • I never really noticed, I haven't played them alot. Maybe they are adopted - Zmario
  • They were made in CAS
  • They are like the American Gojira and reproduce asexually. (Without mate.)
  • She most definitely adopted her.
  • River's adopted, and then, as for Sandi, she was supposed to be Molly's little sister. But then they (the creators) realized that you have to make it so they are parent/daugher. So they did. Then they forgot Dads till it was too late! So they edited it a bit, and voila!
  • The most valuable theory in my opinion for Molly and Sandi is that the baby girl is the result of an affair that might have occured during a party (regarding to Molly's traits: flirty, and party animal). As for River, that's highly difficult to say. Maybe did her dad stayed in the Ireland, Letting her and her mom to go to Sunset Valley....
  • look at the household name Single Moms that's why they have no fathers
  • Maybe, their dads died (when a family member dies they are not shown in the family tree!).
    • Contardiction to above theory, they are still shown in the family tree just not connected to their spouses but are still connected to their children.
  • They probably have fathers, it's just that the developers of the Sims 3 were really lazy about family trees, when compared with the vast family histories in the Sims 2. In fact they probably just created them without fathers.
  • They were made in CAS and either they forgot the fathers they were going to kill or divorce and they just leave them out. Mainly because, they weren't in any previous games and thought no one would even play their family as opposed to returning families like the Goths or Bachelors They also could be adopted as that is a popular excuse for no father or it could be like Dora Ottomas' case of her grown son having no father.
  • They were adopted. Reason 1: No father. Reason 2: They don't look like their moms. CASE CLOSED - Sims 3 Lover $$$
  • Sandi was conceived in a drunken one-night stand, which is why Molly doesn't know who her father is. As for River, she's adopted. Sandi kinda looks like Molly, but if I hadn't looked at their last names and family trees I wouldn't have thought that Fiona and River were related. Sparrowsong 06:14, February 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • It doesn't matter, its still a great game (possem33)
  • Prepare for a weird theory: Sandi was adopted. But River's mother was a hermaphrodite. I watch too much South Park.
  • They have the same father?
  • They were probably just adopted. Or made in CAS, like the theory on top.
  • I agree with someone from above. They had single parents. Neither knows of their father.
  • Molly French got pregnant with Sandi (who, as a teen, looks like Molly as an adult) at a party and never formally introduced herself to her daughter's father; while River's father denied getting Fiona pregnant. UBFunkaneer 01:53, June 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • The creators just messed up on this household.--Danny(Monster2821) 18:39, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • These aren't the only times that something like this has happened. Sam Sekemoto doesn't have a Mom in his family tree, but he looks so much like his Dad, Leighton. Leighton himself doesn't have a father, but (in my opinion) looks somewhat like his Mom. I think the game somehow doesn't allow you to show a relative in the family tree if they were never in the town in the first place.
  • I'll just say it was just EA being lazy -Cannoman5
  • It is the same with the Sekemoto Family and Sandi could have been a product of a One-Night Stand due to Molly's Party Animal behaviour. Also in Fiona's Bio says she is trying to live a different life she could havebeen like Molly before a Mid-Life Crisis and River was conceived as a One-NIght Stand as well.
  • It is very obvious that Sandi is not adopted and River is too much like her mother (personality wise and does look a bit like her mom). So neither are adopted (in my mind anyway). I think that Molly was married and loved her husband so they decided to have a child but than Molly relized her life isn't long enough and ran away. She landed in Sunset Valley and had Sandi and later moved in with Fiona and River. So Sandi never know her dad at all. I think Fiona and River's dad divorced when River was young and Fiona left to go to Sunset Valley and doesn't remember her father. Plus if you get a mom and her child and save them into the family bin and go to a different town they lose all connections to their relatives in the town.
  • They were adopted...?
  • They're bi. River and Sandi were both concieved via one night stand. Eventually they get married to eachother lol.
  • Only relatives that are in the same neighborhood show in the family tree. Both parents divorced and either they moved to another neigborhood or the fathers left for another place. -Kikoman589 11:47, April 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • They probably moved. Once I made a family where the dad died but if you clicked the children the dad WILL show with a diffrent link although. Then I moved them from Bridgeport to Sunset Valley. Once they got settled in I got bored so I looked in their family tree. THE LINK TO THE FATHER WAS GONE!!!! So my guess is that when Fiona find out she was going to have River, but with her ex-boyfriend in the town she moved for a new start. Molly probably adopted a child, because she wanted one before she died, but then she had to move with Fiona because of finicial problems. So Sandi might have gotten adopted and River never found out about her dad(she cant be adopted becuase if you look close she has Fiona's nose).
  • Simple simple simple, Sandi is the product of a One Night Stand, and River's parents are divorced.-- (talk) 03:12, December 31, 2011 (UTC)
  • I think their dads died before R. and S. were born, dads moved, one night stand, there are many ways. I agree with some of these people, and neither were adopted.
  • Artificial Insemination....
  • I think Molly got pregant with Sandi after having Risky WooHoo at a party (didn't ever tell the guy or maybe didn't even know him). I think River was one of Fiona's relatives (niece, cousin, etc.) who was put into foster care and Fiona adopted her (this explains why River only looks a little like Fiona).
  • I think Molly and Fiona had a one-time fling with a man but they didn't know who it was. Then when he was gone they found out they were pregnant.
  • Single Moms. That name... There fathers died. But not in Sunset Valley so they would'nt appear. TA DA PROBLEM SOLVED!
  • Thery're possibly related to the Single Dads household. Just think about it, they are so similar.
  • Molly had a one-night stand at a party, and Fiona dated one of the Single Dads from moonlight bay
  • one word: alcohol.
  • I think Fiona was a widow, whose husband died and left her to riase River. Molly was probably just young and irresponsible, sleeping around and then she got pregnant, but the dad either left her or she didn't know who he was, so she had Sandi alone
  • Molly and Fiona are schoolmates. Fiona moves to Sunset Valley, while Molly stays in Riverview, and has Sandi with Don Lothario, who loves to WooHoo.
  • River, however, is the daughter of Thornton Wolff's twin brother. This is evident in her future traits. Molly asks to move in. Calling themselves the single moms, they live together.

P.S. Sandi stopped being a baby to a toddler on the way to Sunset Valley

  • Sandi: one-night stand. River: found by Fiona during a super-secret private investigation. Biological parents were killed by bullet.
  • Molly and Fiona were friends since childhood. Molly got pregnan after a very drunken one-night-stand and ends up keeping her. A while later, Fiona reveals to Molly that she got pregnant as well. It is the same man, however, in order to keep from upsetting the children they keep it from them. This man will remain hidden in their lives, and in doing this, keep River and Sandi from knowing the unnecessary news that they are in fact half siblings.
  • They are adopted.