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  • BRANDI IS A KILLER.I think that Brandi murdered Skip, if you read his family bio it says that he got killed by a suspicious pool ladder acciddent which means he was murdered.REASON??He is a ROMANCE SIM!!He obviously cheated on Brandi and she or Dustin(?) killed him!Also if you look at the photos bellow you can clearly see that Brandi is very sad, which means that her life with Skip wasnt great.
  • The Blue Eyed Skip is real, because in The Sims 3, child Skip has blue eyes. The Green Eyed Skip was the secret twin of the Blue Eyed Skip. He killed Blue Eyed Skip, because he had a crush on Brandi. Brandi thought he was her real husband. One day, Green Eyed Skip drowned.
  • Okay everyone this is what really happened,

First of all, all precreated sims were made in CAS mode. How I know this is because Mortimer Goth was the first sim created out of the whole sims 2 game. You're probably wondering Well how did he learn all his toddler skills and everything.{C

He never learned his toddler skills! Maxis used SimPE, or a package editor tool like that to put those memories into his character files, making everyone assume he was potty trained and learned how to walk and so on. Back to the Skip Broke theory. He was created after Maxis created Brandi, Dustin, and Beau. Also, Maxis made the family trees, again with the help of simPE. Another thing is if you looks at Dustin Broke, he looks nothing like his mother or his father. Maybe in real life this can happen but in the game it is impossible to have different genetics from your mother or father unless the use of adoption. This is also visible with Alexander and Cassandra Goth. All characters for the storyline pictures are fake because look at the pictures next to the text (provided by Elisha from the theory below) and compare the first Brandi to the second Brandi. The first Brandi has the second face from CAS mode and the second Brandi is the real Brandi from the game! Also if you look at the storyline pictures for Pleasantview when looking at the background history story thing, it is clear the Caliente sisters from the picture look way different from the playable Caliente sisters. For my reasons above, I belive none of the Skip Brokes are the real fathers of Dustin, Beau and Unborn Baby Broke.--limegreen5 13:42, August 1, 2011 (UTC)


  • My theory is that the first picture is the real Skip Broke. Some theories are unbelievable, literally. Think logically, look at the sources. Ok, in our first picture we have Brandi looking quite tired, Skip looking excited and Dustin blowing out the candles. So it's Dustin's birthday, Brandi's needs are low and Skip's concentrating on celebrating his son's birthday. So, Dustin aged up and Brandi is not pregnant in this photo. The counters are green and the landscape outside is boring, without trees and grass. The second photo: Brandi appears to be sad, possibly because Skip has died. The Skip in this photo is different. They have different hairstyles and eye colour and obviously Brandi is pregnant. She could have tried for a baby with Skip one day, then he could have died that very same day. The counters are pink in that photo and the landscape has lots of trees and a fence and lush terrain. I say the second one is a fake. This theory has been provided by Elisha.
  • My theory is Skip thought his cousins Trigger and Susie were his siblings as well as Ruby and he wanted a large family with Brandi. When she found out she was pregnant with her third baby. Skip was delighted and then went for a swim to cool down and mysteriously died in the 'pool ladder accident'.
  • It's obvious that the real Skip is the blue eyed Skip because I was looking at a photo of him as a child and he had blue eyes and his sons have blue eyes too, I think that the green eyed Skip is just a glitch.
  • The blue eyed Skip is Dustin and Beau's father, he went away on a business trip and never returned (Maybe he found a new love... Maybe Olive "encountered" him... I dunno), but the Skip with green eyes, who loved Brandi before the Skip with blue eyes showed up, came back and got Brandi pregnant with the third baby, then died in the supicious pool ladder accident... And the real Skip is possibly living somewhere else or was murdered by Olive Specter...
  • Dustin and Beau have Skips genetics- they both have blue eyes and blonde hair, so the blue eyed Skip is the real father of them :) simple.
  • My theory is Brandi had her two children and after she found out she was pregnant with her third baby she proably thought I am happy with two children not three when she found she was pregnant she could have murdered Skip.
  • Brandi's memories clearly states that she gave birth to Beau after Skip's death but if she'll have another child with Skip, it would simply mean that she WooHooed with Skip's ghost, which is very unlikely to happen. Perhaps this is the reason why there are two Skips in the game. When Maxis created the first, unresurrectable Skip they killed him before finding out that they need father of Brandi's upcoming child, so they created a likeness of Skip - the second, resurrectable Skip.
  • The real Skip has green eyes, even though both his sons have blue eyes. After a glitch with the game i was able to bring him back, and I have a picture! My theory is that they made Skip and got him and Brandi married they had two kids with the blue eyed Skip and then after killing him they needed a new one so they made green eyed skip and overwrote the first skip in the family tree so they are the same skip in a way they just look diffrent and have diffrent aspirations/memories.
  • Here's my theroy: They made two twin brothers, Skipy and Skip Broke. They were only slightly diffrent, and then Skip married Brandi, impregnated her with Dustin and Beau, and died. Then, EA decaided that it wouldn't be so bad unless Brandi was pregnant with another child, so they used Skipy for the father, forgetting his green eyes. They realized he had green eyes, and simply made it so that the baby would look just like Brandi, then they killed Skipy, and had origanly intended for Skipy to be the Don, since he's a Romance sim, but now they decaided to make Don instead, and just made Don just like Skipy except they didn't want anyone to get suspiseas, so they changed up everything but his Aspiration.
  • It is possible for the blue eyed Skip to be the real one. The only way to be sure of that is if you play the Broke family on the Sims 3, in the town of Riverview Skip Broke is a child with blue eyes and blonde hair. So i think its more of a chance of the blue eyed Skip being the real one.
  • I think that the real Skip is the one with blue eyes. I think that when Skip moved in with Brandi, they lived in Riverview, but wanted to move to Sunset Valley, so Skip's elder uncle , Buck became a mad scientist and cloned Skip to live in Sunset Valley, something went wrong but he didn't know which one was which, so he sent off green eyed Skip to Sunset Valley and said that the blue eyed Skip supposedly drowned. But the green Skip was a phony, and decided to kill himself by drowning him himself and that is what I think happened. (Oh then Sunset Valley turned into Pleasantview.. then duh duh duh duh. Happily Ever After
Skip Broke
  • Every single deceased sim has a double, its something to do with the files in the game. There is only one skip, it is just a glitch that one has green eyes and a different personality.
  • I think it's safe to assume that they are both the same person. Either a continuity glitch, or an easter egg deliberatly put in by Maxis. Either way, doesn't really matter which is which as he's dead to start of with. However, the correct eye colour he should have is the colour of his eyes during his childhood in The Sims 3.
  • wait if they killed Skip and made him unresurectable why didn't they just simply make it so Brandi would not have another child. oh yeah and the resurectable Skip is the green eyed Skip and it says he's the father of the kids when the blue eyed Skip is the father.
  • but if they needed another Skip for Brandi's unborn child then why didn't they make a copy of him or make another identicle Skip and overwrite the first
  • Skip. And how do we not know that the game creators made two skips onpurpose.
  • i guess it has to be no.1 or something, no.2 wasn't even alive when that happened. Sims4ever 08:57, May 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • All dead sims have a double and in the Sims 3 set before The Sims 3 has blue eyes so the one with blue eyes must be the real one and the one green eyes was created for Brandi's Child that she is Pregeant with at the start of the Sims 2.
  • The real Skip is the green-eyed Skip because he has relations to Beau and Dustin. Also, the real Skip has a portrait that you can have in the game, the fake one[blue eyes] has a portrait that you can't even have in-game! Also, is it just a coincedence that with SimPE you can resurrect green-eyed Skip but can't blue-eyed Skip? Hmm...Exactly. I have the green eyed Skip and I prefer him since he has relations to Beau and Dustin. And Brandi, since I had them get remarried.
  • The true Skip is the blue-eyed Skip , he is the father of Dustin and Beau , and in Sims 3 there is only one Skip , this Skip has blue eyes , so I think the fake one is green-eyed Skip , and in memories of Brandi show that she only met green-eyed Skip one time.
  • Brandi had a kid with someone else after the death of Skip Broke? Or does it say that the third son is Skip's? I didn't check. ~By a wandering Sim lover.
  • The blue eyed Skip is real because his children have blue eyes. The green eyed Skip has no children with green eyes. His newest child has grey eyes. They both look kinda similar, so........................ grey and blue make grey-blue. So... the real one is blue-eyed Skip. Sorry green eyed Skip! Also in sims 3 he has blue eyes, so the one with green eyes isn't the real Skip ! ~ Biggest sim fan
  • I think one of them is a error, like how there are 2 Grady Elfmans. but his sons all blue eyes, and most likely the unborn baby will have blue eyes. so the greenie is fake knittingneedle~❥ 06:30, September 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think I found it out the real Skip was swimming in the pool.Then the unreal one took the ladder off the pool and killed the real one.Then he hid the body somewhere and he killed himself.Brandi thought the wrong Skip was the real one and after all.But the right one is the one with the blue eyes.That would make sense,huh:-O
  • The blue eyed Skip has to be the real Skip. All his kids have blue eyes! (Excluding his unborn child.) In the sims 3 he has blue eyes too! And in the Broke family tree, the portrait of Brandi's husband and her children Is the portrait of the Skip with blue eyes. Not the one with green eyes. Sue-Sue from Mack_Double-U.
  • I know how he died. A man was madly in love with Brandi but Brandi was married to Skip The man went insane and invited Skip over to his place when he got there the unknown man pushed Skip into the pool and he died
  • Actually, the 2 Skips are real. On The Sims 3, there is one man named Bernard Broke, that died of drowning, and have an similar looking to both of them. The Broke family moved into Pleasantview, and took Bernard's rest with them. Then, he ressurected, with the real Skip already dead, and changed his name to Skip, dyed his hair into blond, fell in love with Brandi and had Dustin and Beau with her. However, the real Skip then ressurected and killed him to take his place at the family. But, however, his ghost could sucesfully kick him when he was getting out of the pool, and so the real Skip (the blue-eyed one) is not the true father of Dustin, Beau and the other children, only changed their memory to think it so, and the green-eyed is Bernard, the true father of Dustin, Beau and other children and the ressurectable. If you stop to think about it, you may see that everything fits correctly, and also explain why Skip is already alive and is a child on The Sims 3.
  • My theory is that when they were making the game, the originally made the Skip with green eyes. However, further along in development, they edited him, making him have dark blue eyes and a different skin tone. For whatever reason, the things that happened during the time he still had green eyes (memories, etc.) show him with green eyes and the newer ones, after he was changed, shows the blue eyes. I'm guessing that the files were never merged properly or something similar (this may have been done on purpose, but maybe not). This would also explain why you can only resurrect the one with green eyes. So, they're both the real Skip, but the blue-eyed one was the further developed one.
  • My Theory is that Skip got contacts.
  • Maybe it's kinda like Bella Goth. He left and made a clone of himself. Eh, chance are slim :P 22:05, December 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • I don't know really but maybe the blue-eyed Skip is the real one. Look at him in The Sims 3. Even if the green-eyed could be resurrectable and blah, it must be fake. Grunty Piggs
  • I think he owed some money to dodgy people or p*ssed the wrong kind of person off, and they took it a little badly. And by badly I mean they shoved him in a pool with no ladder and he drowned. -CLRB
  • I think blue-eyed Skip is the real Skip. First of all, his blonde hair and dark blue eyes can be seen in his children, Dustin and Beau, and none of the Broke children have green eyes (the unborn Broke child has grey eyes). It might be possible that Maxis just created green-eyed Skip once they realized the third Broke child needed a father, because they could have already arranged blue-eyed Skip's death. Also, the Skip Broke in The Sims 3 has blue eyes.
  • The counters are green in one photo and pink in another, the window's place has been swapped and one window has a display of the trees on the outside. And the 1st photo is in the Broke family gallery. The 2nd must be a fake.SimAddict 06:40, January 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Also, the windows are different (notice the different frames). Finally, the 1st photo shows Brandi with an unused hairstyle, while the 2nd photo shows Brandi with her real hairstyle.SimAddict 06:45, January 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • I believe that the blue eyed Skip is the real one. The creators of the game made the real skip and created the first two children with Brandi. When Brandi was pregnant with her second child, the game creators killed Skip. But then they decided they wanted Brandi to have 3 kids, so they created Alternate Skip to create the next child, because going into the game code and resurrecting the old Skip would've taken more time. They then killed the second Skip. 02:47, January 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • It's possible for green-eyed Skip to be the real one if Dustin and Beau inherited their grandparent's eye colour, just like Daniel Pleasant inherited his red hair. Also, a lot of Sims have different eye colours in every game, so why not him?
  • Someone made a mistake like they did with Bella and prematurely killed Skip, so they had to make another one for Broke child 3.
  • I also believe that the Blue eyed one is the Real Skip. I did some looking, and he isn't the only one who has a hidden character that is debatable. The same situation occurs for Darleen, and Michael Bachelor. The Darleen buried in the backyard, by looking at the headshot, seems to have passed some genes to Dirk, but the hidden one resembles Dirk more. Brandi has Grey eyes, which is not a dominant gene (I believe), and Blue is, it only makes sense. Otherwise, Dustin might have gotten green eyes, but both Beau and Dustin have blue eyes. For that reason, I think the hidden one is the authentic one.
  • Maybe it's just me, but it seems really obvious that blue-eyed Skip is the real Skip. First of all, the kid Skip in the Sims 3 has blue eyes, and second of all, his kids have blue eyes. The green-eyed Skip had to be a mistake.
  • I agree with the person who said he got contacts. Contacts usually don't affect the eye color of a baby, neither does hair dye, with out some wierd fictional mutation.
  • If he is a child in the Sims 3, Then he must be a teenager in The Sims. He must have been cloned by aliens, one green-eyed, one blue-eyed.
  • I think he was killed so the killer was sent out to live his life but his plan was sabotaged - _-
  • I think right after Beau was born, a fake skip killed the real one and there was another green eyed sim posing as skip because he had a crush on brandi and brandi didn't know and the green eyed skip WooHood with Brandi giving her the unborn baby with briani's genetics and then the green-eyed skip ran away so brandi wouldn't realize that he was not the real skip. Brandi thought that the green eyed skip died when he ran away, so that's how she got the memory.
  • I think that the BLUE-EYED Skip is the real Skip and that he is the father of Dustin and Beau Broke and the husband of Brandi. this is what happened REAL Skip married Brandi, had Dustin but when Brandi was pregnant with Beau, Skip died in the pool. but when Maxis decided to add another child (unborn baby) but he needed a father for the baby so instead of ressuecting (or something of a cheat) the real Skip they re-created him but they may have forgot that Dustin and Beau have BLUE eyes and that the REAL Skip had BLUE eyes and they accidentally gave Skip the wrong aspiration and GREEN eyes but since they did not know they made a mistake they made the old Skip unressuectable. and that real Skip is not the third baby's father because the new Skip is his father. they thought that all three kids had the same father, but since Blue eyed Skip is in the family tree, Green eyed Skip is NOT. so that is why the baby has no father because MAXIS thought that they re-made Skip completely but since they did not realize the changes they did not change the tree or Brandi's memories and that is why Brandi's baby has no father. they have memories of real Skip only, because "fake" Skip is sort of the same person as real Skip. Brandi has memories of only one Skip because she didn't notice the other Skip was a fake, then after they notice that they "screwed up" new Skip they made Brandi pregnant and then they deleted "fake" Skip. that is why baby Broke has NO father. but instead (maybe for a little mystery) they put the WRONG Skip ressuectable instead of naturel Skip. (talk) 18:37, April 6, 2012 (UTC)Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield
  • EA messed up big-time! They even made Unborn Baby Broke without a father! Skip's not in the family tree from Junior's perspective. They really messed up! Nothing suspicious. AsherEire talk 18:40, April 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • hi. we want you to stop all these rumors. since our father founded maxis we know all your answers to the sims. so you can ask us questions instead. and we do not appreciate you people insulting our father's work!!!!!!!!!!! (talk) 22:34, April 9, 2012 (UTC)Peterson Twins
  • I think Blue-Eyed Skip is the real Skip Broke and Green-Eyed Skip is some guy who had a crush on Brandi with a face-lift. I think Blue-Eyed Skip either encountered Olive Specter or moved to somewhere else because he didn't like Brandi. Then Green-Eyed Skip made an excuse to Brandi and Brandi missed the discolored eyes and then Green-Eyed Skip drowned because Dustin didn't like him.22a5st 15:36, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Maybe the two Skips are one person.They created the deceased green eyed Skip but then they realized that his eyes were the wrong colour. They tried to edit the whole Skip file but the resurrectable Skip and the first memory were already saved and couldn't be changed. Miss Bachelor 21:21, June, 2012
  • I think the two Skips are the same person, eye contacts and fake tans obviously can't affect the appearance of a baby. Maybe the hidden Skip was scrapped to make the other Skip because EA were unsatisfied with the other one. This may explain why the hidden Skip is not able to bring back to life.
  • Since I have imagination (no not really) I'm going to make it clear, blue eyed Skip is real because he has blue eyes in the sims 3. the green eyed one is possibly a diff skip —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • Skip may had a MPD (multiple personality disorder) which came up in the teenhood. Brandi,when meeting skip,would've met both of them (as Brandi,i think,knows em both).Maybe the other Skip personality,for not being the main one,killed himself by drowning in the pool.
  • Prehaps Skip Married Brandi and had Dustin but died during the pregnancy of Beau, While Beau was only a baby, Brandi Ressurected him but the grim Reaper gave her a clone due to a low price. She didnt notice until she had just finished "Woo hooing" And threw him in a pool to drown. Anyways the real one was the Blue eyed skip Due to Beau and dustins Genetics and the grim reaper modified the clone Thats my story :P
  • Here's the simple truth as far as I can tell. Hidden skip is a prototype made in the early developmwnt stages, but they scrapped it in favor of the one who died
  • Here's mine: blue-eyed Skip is the "true" Skip. He and Brandi had 2 sons, and shortly after Brandi concieved Beau, Skip had a vasectomy (impossible for Sims, but bear with me), maybe because they thought there was a problem with one of their reproductive systems. Brandi is a family Sim, so wouldn't it be logical for her to constantly want a baby? If so, why was there such a huge age gap between Dustin and Beau? (Other than the monetary issue; it really doesn't cost that much to raise a sim baby). They were having problems concieving. So, back to the "procedure", Skip is now effectively sterile, with Brandi who thinks she is considering tying hers up, when she finds out she's pregnant. So, now she can have babies and Skip can't make them. Beau was born, and Brandi wanted another baby, so Skip agreed to have Brandi artificially inseminated, which is why the unborn son looks more like Brandi and nothing at all like either Skip. Then before the baby's birth, Skip was murdered by a mysterious burglar who stole the ladder. Beau doesn't remember it like normal Sim babies because he was too young, and the programmers can add and remove whatever they like. Green-eyed Skip was a product of a bad police sketch during the investigation. (Ok, real theory is someone seriously f*cked up some coding, but with the Pleasantview storyline, one wonders if they had a reason or not). (talk) 14:21, January 7, 2013 (UTC)Asymmetricalpasta03
  • The blue-eyed Skip is the real one, the green-eyed Skip could have been an ancestor who returned from the dead, or a clone of him who turned out to be evil, either way he killed the real Skip, and tricked Brandi into thinking he was the real Skip, but he died aswell, and Brandi never knew that he was a clone/ancestor. -'Ana.Phantom'
  • It could be that one Skip is an impostor and the other is real, Arceus knows which one though. Maybe Maxis/EA screwed up and made a clone, then used them interchangeably, hoping we wouldn't notice, but at some point someone realized that the two Skips were different. Asymmetricalpasta03's theory also made sense to me. It's not incredibly illogical that he wore contacts, either. I'm sure he had blue eyes, but maybe a friend who was completely colorblind (i.e. sees in black and white, like a dog) got him a pair of green contacts. There could be more to it than meets the eye (that statement being kinda ironic considering my theory about contacts and whatnot) of course, but thing is, we might never know. -CherryLedian
  • Firstly, someone did murder Skip but it was not Brandi or Dustin. I think it was someone closer to Skip Broke, meaning that Skip could have cheated on Brandi but lady (or man) that he was cheating on wanted Skip to run off with him. But Skip maybe didn't want to leave him as Brandi was pregnant at the time so the person murdered Skip in a pool ladder incidenct. And finally, I think that the Skip in The Sims 3 is when he was younger. A bonus from Maxis/EA. Hana (make me feel less lonely by humoring me) 20:32, March 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • I think Brandi killed Skip. There isn't a ghost or tombstone so no one knows how he died, he could've been burned for all we know. Also, if you carry on playing the Broke family, Brandi has a son (Mine was called Romeo Broke) but this isn't possible because skip died beforehand, therefore Brandi must have had a child with Skips ghost, Which is just...Odd.
  • I think it was just a joke on Maxis' part. I think they actually meant to imply that the player (in general; not you, specifically) killed Skip by removing the pool ladder. I believe this because in the original Sims game, killing sims off by putting them in the pool and removing the ladder was a popular activity. So I think the story behind Skip's death is that the player killed him off. This is a nod to The Sims.
  • My theory might be a little strange but it is possible Skip was cloned by Mortimer! When Mortimer was an adult he was a mad scientist and was probaly making some weird clone machine so he got test subjects, Skip and possibly Darleen Dreamer(as she has a clone two). Unfortunetly Skip's clone was evil and killed the real skip so he can pretend to be real but Brandi noticed "clone skip" had green eyes, while "real skip" had blue eyes so Brani, wanting to protect her family from this possibly dangerous person, Downed the clone skip. Clone Skip, wasn't a actual human being dissolved while the real skip's body was never found which is why there is no tombstone, quite sad when you think about it, as brandi will never see skip or his remains again.
  • The real Skip is the green eyes Skip. Brandi's memories show the Skip with green eyes. Dustin and Beau have blue eyes, BUT their blue eyes are DARK BLUE EYES!!! And Skip with blue eyes have LIGHT BLUE EYES!!! So, the real father of Dustin and Beau is the green eyes Skip. And you ask, so, WHY Brandi are pregnant of Skip in the begging of the game? After Skip dead, his ghost make WhoWhoo with Brandi. After, MAXIS delete Skip's tombstone!
  • I honestly think that Dustin Broke had killed Skip. According to either the family bio, or Dustin's bio, (I can't remember) that Dustin had been acting out lately. It could be possible. And the theory about the two Skip Broke's, I think that the green-eyed skip is just a bug. The creators either made a mistake or did it on purpose.