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The Sims: Superstar

For the smoothie stand in The Sims 2 Pets for console, see Town Square#Smoothie Stand.
Fruitally Perfect Smoothie Stand
Ts1 smoothie cart.png
A high-speed molded artificial jaw is used to simulate real mastication in order to avoid the loss of nutrients that usually results from high-speed blending. Great care is taken with this mixing technique in order to ensure that the natural pre-digestive process is properly simulated before our product is imbibed. Additionally, each smoothie includes our personal guarantee that they [sic] it is free of any unnatural additives, supplemental, and/or ancillaries.
Game The Sims: Superstar
Buyability Community lot only
Price in game §4,888
Object type(s) Hunger
Size 2x2

A smoothie stand is a community lot object introduced in The Sims: Superstar. It can be found on some default Studio Town lots.

Sims can purchase smoothies from the stand, which will provide a slight hunger boost. Sims can choose from the Banana Berry smoothie (§5), the Apple Combination smoothie (§10) and the Strawberry Freeze smoothie (§15). Sims will watch as the vendor pours the ingredients into the blender and makes the smoothie before handing it to them. Sims will then find a place to sit and enjoy their smoothie. They will occasionally stop to contemplate the drink, take deep breaths, or react to brain freeze. This does not appear to have any effect on their motives.

The stand has a hunger rating of 3.