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Replacing the content with a redirect[edit source]

I'm considering of changing this page into a redirect to Opportunity/Community event. I've explained pretty much what can be explained in the opportunity page. I have several problems with having this article:

  • Explaining the same concept and mechanism at 2 different pages is redundant. What this page has is very much obsolete and inaccurate by assuming that community event is different by world.
  • There is no definition of "community event" in The Sims 3. The closest one being opportunities, which is what Opportunity/Community event is for.
  • Describing what a rabbit hole can do as "community event" is very much ambiguous and there is no concrete definition to it. Watching shows / game at theater or stadium is acceptable, but then it expands to eating at restaurant and visiting a spa? Then do we call exploring mausoleum and taking subway a "community event" as well? IMO, it's very subjective, and what a rabbit hole can do is best described in their own page.

-- Nikel Talk 04:36, July 5, 2020 (UTC)