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Differences between Double Deluxe, Triple Deluxe & Complete Collection[edit source]

I live in the UK and I've never owned the Triple Deluxe or the Complete Collection versions of The Sims, but in the photos of Triple Deluxe on eBay (, the disc labels containing The Sims, Livin' Large and the Deluxe content on the first two discs and the Double Deluxe content on the other disc look significantly newer than the Deluxe Edition and Double Deluxe bonus content discs in Double Deluxe and Mega Deluxe. On the Triple Deluxe discs, is the software newer than the software on the Deluxe Edition discs (i.e.: new loading screen, new game engine version, bug fixes) or are they exactly the same in both compilations?

Also, in the Complete Collection, the wiki states that some Livin' Large and Deluxe Edition content are missing, and that some of the Official Download sets included in the compilation are incomplete. Is there anyone who can provide a list of the missing Livin' Large and Deluxe content and a list of which of the download sets are incomplete and which files would be needed to complete these sets?

Any help would be appreciated on this matter! (Djtechno95 (talk) 21:05, December 11, 2019 (UTC))

After clean installing the Complete Collection and downloading all the 'Get Cool Stuff' packs from The Sims Depot I have observed the following -

The Complete Collection is missing the following packages:

DoubleDeluxe1, DoubleDeluxe2, DoubleDeluxe3, GreenBedroomSet(McDonalds bedroom set), IntelComputer_international, McFoodCart_International, PepsiMachine1, PetSkinsPack1, PetSkinsPack2

I assume that the object packages were left out due to licensing problems or prevention thereof but I cannot understand why the pet skins were left out. All of the other packs (including the Hot Date Bonus Dates Disk, Sims Extreme Character Pack, SSX skins, and even the Command & Conquer skins) are all included in the Complete Collection.

I recommend another user to compare files between versions as this is not 100% accurate but in the meantime this should inform anyone of what files they need. Reminder that when you install any of these official bonus packs the installer generally does not replace files, so if you are uncertain as to what you do not have, do not be afraid to install them all anyways as there won't be any duplicate files.

````` Edit by random User on 17:22 November 30, 2020 (please clean this comment up if you get the chance!)

All of the Double Deluxe Object Packs are included in the Complete Collection, it's just that the individual objects in the .far files have been split into separate files and folders. You can see this if you check the .far files from the object packs using DragonUnPACKer, the names of files contained within the object packs match folders and files in the Downloads folder in the collection. The walls and floors of the object packs are also included already.

Also, not sure what was meant by "the installer generally does not replace files" -- using the installers will overwrite files with the same filenames in the specified directories. If you run the Double Deluxe Object Pack installers, for example, you'll note the walls and floors have different timestamps. Installers for content already in downloads will also overwrite that content. It just won't erase any files besides what it's specifically overwriting.

As noted on the page already, the Green Bedroom Set is partly included since the bed and end table are present, but the dresser and some skins are absent in the complete collection. There is more missing than what's listed above though. There was a pack of 2 new TV commercials on the Sims website, as well as the reverse sweeping stairs, and neither are present in the collection. There was also, although this wasn't on the website I think but it was by Maxis as far as I know, 3 other objects associated with Pepsi promotions -- the 3 downloads at the bottom of this link.

It's probable there were other such promotions -- the Green Bedroom Set itself was one with McDonald's -- so it's doubtful anyone will be able to get every official bit of content there was. The Complete Collection is fairly complete though.

I wouldn't know what content is missing from earlier compilations in the Complete Collection, but as far as the official downloads go, just to reiterate for clarity:

All content from the Double Deluxe Object Pack downloads is included in the Complete Collection. Some content (the dresser and the skins) from the Green Bedroom Set is missing. The 2 Pet Skins Packs are missing. The Intel computer, Pepsi machine, and McDonald's food kiosk are all missing. The reverse sweeping staircases are missing. The 2 extra TV ads are missing. The Banyan Tree, Executive Chair, and Worker Desk promotions by Pepsi are missing. All this content can be found at

DoomGal (talk) 10:12, 10 April 2023 (UTC)