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The fifth trait[edit source]

IN Sims 3 Pets (Console) There is a Dislikes pets trait, and Eleanor and Zachariah are the only sims premade with it. I'm Deskita Talk to me If you want 20:30, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

Now, THAT is interesting, but I wonder why nobody else has ever mentioned it from before? But you're not referring Dislikes Pets to Fur Allergy, right? Can you elaborate more about the trait? Nikel Talk Vote! 12:53, December 25, 2012 (UTC)
INstead of the allergic to pets moodlets they get dislikes pets -10, They commonly get wishes to yell at pets while Fur allergy sims only shoo pets without the Clean pet lifetime reward, and I find that Dislikes pets is not like Fur allergy, Dislikes Pets conflicts with cat and dog lover (No horses in console) while Fur allergy doesn't. Dislikes Pets sims are the only ones who have the interaction complain about pets which will always fail on Marcel Gattus, Fryda Wolff and sims who own a pet or have a less than best friend reationship, Dislikes pets sims will always use it and always have a low relationship with most sims I'm Deskita Talk to me If you want 13:18, December 25, 2012 (UTC)