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Souvenir effect[edit source]

With Pescado's Batbox, I can detect whether the souvenir effect from BV is in use or not. I discovered that:

  1. Sims don't have to be in close range to earn the souvenir effect. It appears once they've earned it, they will retain the benefit even far from the souvenir rack.
  2. Souvenir benefit from other apartment neighbors can be gained by entire tenants. Once the neighbor is visited, it will be retained even after the Sims leave the neighbor's apartment
  3. Apparently, even after Sims move out from the apartment from the 2nd discovery, they will still retain the neighbor's souvenir benefit. So I guess the effect is permanent, or maybe I haven't played it a little more yet.

Either I'm not really sure how to use the batbox in this case, or the batbox itself is not right, I don't know. Nikel Talk 07:57, May 22, 2012 (UTC)